What outfit pictures?

So this week I took a break from taking outfit pics, but the crazy fashion blogger in me couldn’t stop and snuck in a few phone pics…and posted them to my Facebook page. On Monday I threw on one of Chase’s plaid shirts, my J Brand black jeans, and a maroon scarf. I guess I wore some shoes too…and like … Continue reading “What outfit pictures?”

What the rain..

There is no point in having a nice lens when you can’t use it. Looks like I have to revert to the basic lens for the tripod pics. Why does everything bad happen to me? I love these jeans. They are a size 0. I am not a size 0. So these babies make me … Continue reading “What the rain..”

What’s that on your head?

How do you like mah hurr? I don’t really talk like that. I was inspired by Rebecca’s crown braid. I wish “inspired” meant “the same as” but it doesn’t because I’m incompetent when it comes to my hair, which is why it’s always boring straight or wavy. Anyway, she has a tutorial here. Check it out. Try … Continue reading “What’s that on your head?”