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Janome 8077 Review – Sewing Machine

Are you here to know whether Janome 8077 is worth buying or not? Well, it’s your lucky day! With so many varieties of sewing machines to choose from, picking the best one that will match your skills are actually essential when buying one. And before anything else, I’d like to enlighten you with a Janome 8077 review which will be focused on the specs, pros and cons, features, performance, and most importantly, the overall verdict.


Key Specifications

  • Dimensions: 14.8 x 11 x 6.6 inches
  • Weight: 18.2 pounds 
  • Stitches: 30 built in stitches 
  • Speed: 820 stitches per minute
  • Computerized/Mechanic: Computerized
  • Bobbin: Top Loading Full Rotary Hook Bobbin
  • Warranty: 25 year limited warranty

The company all started during the early 1920s when founder Yosaku began using a round bobbin system rather than the traditional long shuttle. And they thought that the round bobbin looked similar with a snake’s eye, which is Japanese for “Janome [1].” Thus, the brand name was created. As a matter of fact, Janome has always been in the top leading industries for computerized sewing machines and now has sewing divisions worldwide. With Janome’s long history, the company has already made a lot of high-quality sewing machines. Their persistency in providing consumers innovative and precise machineries have led to its good reputation for reliability, precision, accuracy, and most especially, its user-friendly features.     


  • Convenient Automated Functions – This is equipped with a start/stop button which allows you to easily start and stop the machine with just a press of a button. 
  • Box Feeding Technology – This great addition is pretty impressive because it simply helps prevent the feeding dogs from getting jammed.
  • Heavy-duty Machine – This is what makes this machine versatile as it can withstand a variety of fabrics in a continuous working performance. With that being said, this could be a great machine sewing entrepreneurs looking to start a business.
  • Fairly Easy-To-Use – One of its automated features is its speed controller, making it great for beginners looking to learn sewing at their own pace. In addition to that, this also includes a needle threader and bobbin winder for a more hassle-free sewing.


  • No Decorative Stitch Options – If you’re looking for a machine to expand your creativity, then you will find this machine very limiting as it doesn’t offer decorative stitch options.
  • Instruction Manual Isn’t Enough – It’s essential to have a very informative instruction manual whenever you’re buying a machine because it adds to the ease-of-setup. And without this, you might have difficulties understanding the machine assembly and operation.
  • No Automatic Thread Cutter – It sure does have a manual thread cutter located at the back of the machine, however it would be much convenient if it already included an automatic one.

Who Should Consider Getting Janome 8077

This machine includes a fair amount of necessary features and accessories. One of its greatest features would be its automated functions and heavy-duty abilities. The automated functions as mentioned previously, includes a start/stop button, box feed, needle threader, and many more. All these are an advantage in this sewing machine. In addition to that, it has the ability to work on a variety of fabrics ranging from light to heavyweight, as long as you have the right needle to work with. This is all due to its superior 7-piece feed dog system and extra-high needle position[2]. 

These features are what makes it great and applicable for beginners as well as experienced sewists. However, it might be limiting as it only has 30 built-in stitches which are actually enough for most average users. It does have a couple of decorative satin and quilting stitches which can already be enough for expressing your creativity. Don’t worry if you’re just new in sewing, because this machine has got you covered. It includes a speed controller to allow users to decrease and increase the speed when sewing, which makes it applicable even for beginners.

Features and Benefits of Janome 8077

Bobbin Winder

If you wish to wind the bobbin, you’ll just need to push the bobbin winder to the right. Luckily, it automatically stops winding when the bobbin is already full. Plus, the transparent cover it comes with is a smart addition because you’ll be able to easily keep track of the thread supply. So, you’ll never have to worry about running out of thread in the bobbin.

Needle Threader

Have you struggled getting the thread through the eye of the needle? Well, all sewists, new and old, have been there at one point. Thankfully, this machine comes with an automatic needle threader to remove the strain and effort in doing this process. All you need is to pull down the needle threader, place it in the hook, pass it through the front of the needle, then simply pull back to thread the needle.

Memorized Needle Up/Down

It simply enables you to set the machine to your liking and freely make adjustments anytime you wish with just a push of a button.

Two-Digit LED Screen

Since it’s a computerized sewing machine, it includes an LCD screen which might discourage you due to its small size. Even though it’s tiny, it still allows for easy stitch, width, and length selections. But of course, it would definitely be more convenient if it was a larger screen 

Superior Feed System

The machine features a 7-piece box feeding system which helps avoid getting jammed feed dogs. This works smoothly to ensure that you can seamlessly feed any type of fabric in the machine.

Free Arm Feature

This is definitely good news because this will make sewing hard-to-reach spaces a breeze. You will be able to sew sleeves, cuffs, pants, hems, and many more in less time. And also allows for easier clothing repairs and adjustments.

Start/Stop Button

This feature allows users to sew without the use of a foot control because all you need to do is push the button to start sewing and push it twice for it to stop.

Reverse Button

You won’t have to worry about manually rotating your project since the 8077 already has a reverse button to easily make backstitches and seam the start and end of the fabric.

Precision Tension Dial

It also includes a precision tension dial which allows you to manually set the thread tension for the material you’re working with. And with this feature, you won’t have to worry about bunching up the fabric.


A buttonhole feature is a great addition as it automatically sews a buttonhole for you. All you need is to raise the presser foot, move the fabric to the buttonhole location, lower the foot, then start the machine. Thus, starting the machine can automatically sew a buttonhole. In addition to that, this machine includes six different one-step buttonhole options namely: square, round-end, stretch, keyhole, antique, and knit buttonholes.

Other Features

  • Zipper foot
  • Satin Stitch foot
  • Seam ripper
  • Bobbins
  • Needles
  • Additional Spool Pin

What Others Are Saying

Janome 8077 has definitely satisfied a number of customers due to its quiet operation, quilting and sewing stitch options, and most especially its neat and even seams. For a Janome machine, this is definitely an affordable one. Thus, customers are pretty impressed with what it can offer. It might not be similar to those fully-computerized sewing machines, but it sure does the job precisely. Knowing its manufacturers, this machine will definitely stay with you for a long time. Not to mention its pretty easy operation, which allows beginners to enjoy its features with ease. As said by one of the customer’s, this machine will give you great results no matter what skill level you have.

Alternatives of Janome 8077

If ever this model isn’t available in stores near you, there are still some options for you to choose from. These includes three computerized sewing machines, namely:

Singer 9985 Quantum Stylist Touch Sewing Machine

This particular sewing machine includes advanced features such as an LCD touchscreen for easy-viewing, 960 built-in stitches with 13 buttonhole styles, and six alphabets, automatic needle threader, and so on and so forth. This machine is helpful for beginners and especially intermediate-level sewists. If you’re fond of machines which feature tons of variety and stitch designs, then this will be perfect for you. 

Brother Innov-is NS80E Sewing Machine

This Innov-is NS80E includes automated features like a needle threader, free arm, needle up/down setting, drop-in bobbin, auto threading, adjustable stitch length and width, and embroidery stitches. Well it doesn’t end there, one of it’s most prized features is its speed control for creating a more smooth and precise sewing experience. In fact, all you need to do when adjusting the sewing speed is to slide the slider controller to the left (for slow speed) and slide right (to sew faster).

Janome Sewist 780DC Sewing Machine

Just like the sewing machines mentioned above, this machine is also easy to operate and is packed with several time-saving features. Janome 780DC is a fully computerized and easy machine to work with. Its special features include an automatic thread cutter, stitch elongation, easy bobbin system, auto bobbin winder system, built-in needle threader, needle up/down button, and an auto-lock feature. Thus, if you’re looking for a fully computerized yet user-friendly Janome model, then this would be a good option.


Considering all its features and overall performance, I’d say that this is a good-performing machine for its good sewing and quilting execution and reasonable price. It’s a pretty reliable machine which is backed up with 25 years of warranty and good-performing features. I won’t lie, this machine’s advantages are definitely its automated features as it allows you to sew with ease and precision. Thus, if you’re a beginning sewist looking to learn the basics in sewing and quilting, then this might be the perfect fit for you. Overall, Janome 8077 is a pretty decent machine that will stick with you for years and make your sewing experience more hassle-free. So, if you’re interested in Janome 8077, you can easily check it out here for its availability and product discounts.


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