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How to tie a wrap dress

A wrap dress is one of the most famous and iconic fashion attire any woman can own; its style is versatile, timeless, and flattering. Wrap dresses are a popular piece that suits women of all sizes and shapes; it can also be worn in different styles and for different occasions.

The wrap dress can function as formal wear, casual wear, or something to wear to a cocktail – it’s one of those outfits that can carry you through various occasions. The wrap dress was first designed in 1970 by fashion designer Diane Von Furstenburg.

A typical wrap dress is usually a one-piece dress that has a three-panel design; the inner panel, the belt, or snap to fasten it and an outer panel. The design follows your body shape, waist and neckline; it enhances and conceals your body – which is what makes it great for all body types.

Over the years, the wrap dress has gained popularity; however, the style, design, and fabric have changed to suit specific purposes and specific seasons. Below are methods and styles of how to wear a wrap dress.

How To Wear A Wrap Dress In The Winter

You might think the wrap dress midi is only for the warm seasons, but with the proper layering, you can wear your wrap dress during the cold months.

With a turtleneck

Your turtle neck top will convert any summer outfit into something fit for the winter. For the wrap dress, wear it with a simple black turtle neck for extra padding and protection from the weather.

With an oversized sweater

Wearing an oversized sweater over your wrap dress is a great way to keep your body warm. Wear your oversized sweater as a separate piece from your wrap midi dress and ensure the color of your sweater compliments your dress.

With leggings or tights

The good part about the leggings fashion is that they can serve as a statement piece, while at the same time keeping you warm. For a wrap dress, a black sock is a better option as it’s elegant and can complement all styles. You can use other fun and edgy leggings color, but your wrap dress has to be as simple as possible.

With knee-length boots

A knee-length boots will keep your legs warm and protected when you are wearing a wrap dress. You can also use shorter ankle boots while wearing wrap midi length dresses. For extra warmth, wear socks inside your shoes.

How To Wear A Bridesmaid Dress Wrap

As the bridesmaid at a wedding, after the bride, you are the next important person. You need to choose a wrap dress that Is your right fit and one you can conveniently pair to suit the weather.

How To Tie A Wrap Dress

The modern wrap dress has different styles and different ways of tying; however, the usual dresses come with two attached strings and slits. In other for you to enjoy wearing the wrap dress, ensure you tie it the right way. Here are steps on how to tie a wrap dress.

  • Put the wrap dress on like you would a coat
  • Wrap the left side of the dress across your body ensuring it covers most of your chest
  • Search for the hole in the seam, which can either be on the left or the right side. Your dress should come with one long string and a short one.
  • Pass your string through the hole all the way to the back until it meets the other string and pull tight
  • Tie the knot securely to the right side of your dress.

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