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How to tie a bow on a dress

Are you having a wedding ceremony, a dinner event, or a party that requires you wearing a dress? Would you want to style your dress with a bow? A pretty bow on a dress is a fashionable piece that stands you out in a crowd – but a lot of people wonder how to tie a bow on a dress.

Most of the time, bows are used to design women and children apparel, as they add an extraordinary degree of cuteness to any dress. You can place your bow in front, at the back, or the side – depending on your preference.

Everyday dresses can become a feminine and romantic piece by just adding a pretty bow to the design of the dress. Most bows are made from sash, and the process of tying a sash bow will be explained in this article.

Types Of Bows

Bows have a way of adding elegance and beauty to any outfit, either worn by a man, a woman or a little girl. The bows are made from fabrics and combined with buttons most of the time. Below are some of the types of bows that are easy and beautiful to make.

Simple bows

The shape of a simple bow looks very much like the shape of a butterfly; it is sometimes made with flowery bows that are longer. If you want to create a wide bow for simple bows, you need a longer length to make tying easier.

The center of the simple bow usually is slimmer than the ends. Cut the fabric of the bias into two; turns need a broad finished size. Fold in half, form it the other way around so that the fold line is slightly narrower. Stitch the ends and the long side together with the right sides, leaving five cms (2 inches) uncut in the middle. Cut the turn to 0.6cms and cut the corners off. Turn right, first press the seam line. Slip-stitch the opening with a straight line of grain.

Fold in half and label with a pin in the middle. In the right hand, take the right loop, in the left hand the left loop, and bend the loops forward. Take the right loop over the left loop and bring it out between the loop and the central position of the pin marking. Pull tightly until the size of both loops is equal.

Gathered Bows

Simple bows made from lace, embroidery, or self-made fabric make a smart dress trim. Shape the bow as desired, hem the edges, or face with your desired material. Pass three rows of stitch set through the middle and firmly draw close style threads. Use a layer of tarton or organdy inside the faced bow when the fabric is soft and needs a little stiffness.

Ribbon Bows

This type of bow is designed from ribbon or cloth tube to cover a neck and waist gap, or for basic decoration. To make a bow, pin the ribbon in consecutive steps at each corner. Add invisible stitches to the spot. When using velvet or satin ribbon, interfold at each corner to avoid exposing the fold on the underside of the ribbon.

How To Tie A Perfect Sash Bow

Here are a few tips you can follow:

  • Ensure the sashes are crossed over each other (left over right)
  • Adjust the left sash over the right one and leave it there.
  • Make the right sash into a small loop
  • The right loop formed should be brought to the right side
  • Bring the left loop down over the loop of the right sash
  • The left sash should go through the space under the loop of the right sash
  • Pull-on the two loops (left and right loop) to get a perfect bow.

Wrong Methods Of Tying A Bow On A Dress

Loose bow

Sometimes, people do not know that they are tying the bow of a dress the wrong way; one of such methods is the loose bow tie tying. The bow is tied very loosely at the back of the dress, making the bow tie lose its style and shine.

Off-center bow

Usually, a bow tie for a dress should always be at the center – especially when it’s at the back of the dress. Tying the bow of the clothes anywhere off the center gives the bow a crooked and uneven look. A perfectly tied bow should always be in the middle.

Uneven bow

For you to get the full beauty of a tied bow for girls, the sizes of the bow need to be even. The steps to tie a perfect bow is not a difficult one. When tying the bow, ensure the loops are of the same size.

Wrong direction bow

A well-tied bow should be resting perfectly on the cloth, with the sides facing the left and right. If you make a bow that is facing downwards or upwards, it’s a sign that you did not rightly tie the bow.

Benefits Of Tying A Bow On A Dress

  • Like you see on some fashion blog, bows on the dress add style to a cloth that will ordinarily be considered simple
  • Tying a sash bow makes little girls look like princesses
  • Sometimes the bow design can be in a different color from that of the cloth, adding a pop of color to the outfit.
  • A lot of people assume that tying a bow is something quite easy, which is why they end up doing it the wrong way. With the steps listed above, tying a perfect bow should not be a problem. 

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