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Announcement of Acquisitions

Finally, after months of hard work and discussion with all the important stakeholders and team, we have successfully acquired 3 websites: Paccprofessionals, BrainSews and SingerDirect. Currently, we have merged those sites’ content into ours on site Our team will be the one that maintaining and improving the content from those sites. Readers from those … Read more

How to tie a bow on a dress

Are you having a wedding ceremony, a dinner event, or a party that requires you wearing a dress? Would you want to style your dress with a bow? A pretty bow on a dress is a fashionable piece that stands you out in a crowd – but a lot of people wonder how to tie … Read more

How to tie a wrap dress

A wrap dress is one of the most famous and iconic fashion attire any woman can own; its style is versatile, timeless, and flattering. Wrap dresses are a popular piece that suits women of all sizes and shapes; it can also be worn in different styles and for different occasions. The wrap dress can function … Read more

Mormon Fashion Bloggers

i believe in unicorns. The Pretty Life Anonymous  Wearing It On My Sleeves How Not to Dress Like a Mom cotton and curls The House of Shoes. The Mrs. & the MOMMA Rachel Sayumi Pretty, Polished, Perfect. Head Over Heels Haircut and General Attitude Harley and Jane  lace, etc. Dearest Lou Plane Pretty Fashions on … Read more