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Brother SE400 vs SE600

Are you having a hard time deciding between the Brother SE400 and SE600? Well, it’s about time you make a decision on what’s best for you and your sewing hobby. In this review, I’ll be comparing the two machines as mentioned above. 

These two machines were made by the same manufacturer with the same functionality, which creates confusion between the two. Thus, I’ll be giving you a Brother SE400 vs SE600 comparison review, how you can set them apart, and finally decide on which one works better than the other. 

Overview: Brother SE400 vs SE600

The Brother company has been in the sewing industry ever since the 1900’s. Believe it or not, they didn’t start off as Brother, instead they were initially a company under the name “Yasui Sewing Machine Co.” which was focused on providing repair services and parts for sewing machines. 

This was first established by Kanekichi Yasui[1], the father of the founders of what we all know as Brother Industries, Ltd. Masayoshi and Jitsuichi Yasui shared their father’s passion for machines and technological advancement. 

Thus, It was in 1932 where they successfully introduced the first ever sewing machine from Japan, thus, Brother Industries was created. They weren’t only producing sewing machines but along with all sorts of office machines such as typewriters, fax machines, photocopying machines, printers, computers, and other computer-related electronic machines. This was made possible by their motto, “Superior quality and diligent service.” 

Brother SE400Brother SE600
Dimensions – 20.3 x 15 x 15.2 inches
Weight – 13.6 pounds
Built-in Sewing Stitches – 67
Sewing speed – 710 stitches per minute
Bobbin – Top Drop-in
Warranty – 25-year 
Dimensions – 21.2 x 15.5 x 16.5 inches
Weight – 11.82 pounds
Built-in Sewing Stitches – 103
Sewing speed – 710 stitches per minute
Bobbin – Top Drop-in
Warranty – 25-year
Automatic threading 
Import designs from computer 
Large work area 
Can control sewing speed
Ease of use in terms of sewing speed and needle position
Compact design
Easy-to-use machine
Easy to Set Up for beginners
Ideal for home users
Sew Smart color LCD touchscreen
Compact design
Automatic threadingImport designs from computer
Black and white LCD screen
Limited work space
Doing bigger embroidery designs are not possible
Must pay for additional designs
Easily breaks needles
Creating embroidery greater than 4” x 4” in size is a hassle
Not that user-friendly
Easily breaks needles

How Do We Compare Brother SE400 vs SE600 

Brother SE400 and SE600 are both computerized sewing and embroidery machines. We can easily set the two machines apart by knowing the aforementioned pros and cons as well as the factors I’ll be mentioning shortly. 

Through thorough comparison of the two, we will be able to know which one is the best value for its price. And in order to know which one’s best, I’ll be comparing the two machine’s features based on 5 factors. These factors include its ease of use, fabrics, sewing speed, stitches, and designs[2]. 

These factors are aimed to help users or sewists like you, have a better understanding on the features of both machines as well as, conclude which one will work perfectly in accordance to your preference. 

Brother SE400 vs SE600 

Embroidery Designs

The Brother SE400 includes 70 embroidery designs while the SE600 only includes 80 built-in designs. Thus, the SE600 definitely wins this portion. They both have the capability to store embroidery designs due to their internal memory. In addition to that, if you’d like to add more designs in your machine, you can download it from the internet and transfer via a USB port. Brother SE400 comes with a Type B USB port, which means that you’ll need a cable to connect it to the computer. SE600 on the other hand, comes with a normal USB port so that you can plug in a USB stick directly. In simple terms, Brother SE600 connects directly to the USB stick whereas SE400 connects to the computer via USB cable and not vice versa.

Winner: Brother SE600

Fast Sewing Speed

The SE600 and SE400 both have the same sewing and embroidery speed. If you’re doing regular sewing, you can sew up to 710 stitches per minute, but if you prefer embroidering, then you can enjoy its top speed of 400 stitches per minute. It may not be the fastest sewing machines in the market, but considering their multi-purpose functionality, it sure is a good deal to grab. It doesn’t end there, because they also feature an adjustable speed controller to give users the ability to increase or decrease the speed. Thus, you’ll have full control on your sewing and embroidery performance, to prevent damage on the project. 

Winner: Brother SE400 and SE600

Built-in Stitches

When it comes to the number of stitches, the SE600 definitely has an advantage. It has a total of 103 built-in stitches, whereas SE400 only has 67 stitches. Considering this machine as a multi-functional one (sewing and embroidery), having more stitch options allows for more creative projects. So as far as sewing is concerned, SE600 offers more stitch varieties, making it a more versatile machine than the SE400.

Winner: Brother SE600

Fabrics You Can Use

The Brother SE600 and SE400 embroidery and sewing machines can actually handle a wide variety of different fabrics. This ranges from thin to even thick fabrics such as flannel, taffeta, satin, georgette, lawn, denim, corduroy, tweed, jersey, and many more fabrics except for heavy duty fabrics. To avoid breaking your needles when sewing, you can refer to their included manuals which states which needle size is best for the fabric your wish to use. The only thing you need to do is use the recommended needle for each fabric, especially when you want to sew on thick fabrics. 

Winner: Brother SE600 and SE400

Ease of Use

The SE400 is actually a great machine for beginners since it includes features such as an automatic needle threader, easy bobbin winding system, and an automatic thread cutter. These features will allow users to easily work on their projects with ease, comfort, and precision. The SE600 on the other hand, also has easy-to-use features such as the colored touch screen display, automatic needle threader, quick set bobbin and independent bobbin winder, automatic thread cutter, and also read markings. Based on the aforementioned features, I can say that the SE600 offers more easy-to-use features than the SE400. 

Winner: Brother SE600

Which Model Should You Choose? 

Considering all their features and performances, I’d say that both machines actually perform quite similarly. From its features to its amazing stitch quality. To conclude that, I’d definitely choose the Brother SE600 embroidery and sewing machine over the SE400 because it includes all the features included in the SE400 plus a colored LCD touch screen and more stitch options to choose from. Thus, the verdict sides on the Brother SE600. 

However, if you’re more on simplicity along with quality stitches, then the SE400 is applicable for you. Not only does it have all the necessary features, but also delivers high-quality stitches. So it entirely depends on your preference and budget. 

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