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Brother SE400 Review – Sewing Machine

Imagine if you’re going to buy an embroidery machine then buy a separate sewing machine. It will definitely cost you a lot of money. Thanks to this model of the Brother company which allows you to do both embroidery and sewing projects combined in a single machinery.  

The Brother SE400 Computerized Embroidery and Sewing Machine will give you an advancement in your creativity in sewing, embroidery, crafting, quilting and more. So for this article, I will take you to a Brother SE400 review. Let’s get started!

Overview of Sewing and Embroidery Machine

Key Specification

  • Dimension: 10.94” x 6.89” x 15.55”
  • Weight: Approximately around 13.669 lbs
  • Maximum Embroidery Speed: 400 stitches per minute
  • Maximum Sewing Speed: 710 stitches per minute (with speed control option)
  • 25 Years Limited Warranty

Brother sewing machine was founded and established in 1908. It was driven by its motto “superior quality and diligent service.” A Japanese-owned company which produces high quality sewing and embroidery machines since then. 

It is known for its portable, beginner friendly, easy-to use and convenient embroidery machines which best describe the focus of our review, the Brother SE400 Computerized Embroidery and Sewing Machine[1]. 

Before diving into its main features, let’s take a look at its pros and cons first.


  • Import Designs From Computer– if you are embroidering and it happened that the design options didn’t satisfy your preferences, you can actually connect the embroidery machine to a computer using a USB cable. By then, you can choose thousands of designs from the internet in which you can customize in order to make a more beautiful embroidery masterpiece. 
  • Versatile– connected with the other positive insight that was mentioned above, this embroidery machine will let you stay up to date. Because of its features, you can use whatever designs you want, and whenever you want. More than that, you can even save designs for future use. 
  • Others: Easy drop in bobbin, good design options.


  • Black and White LCD Screen (back lit) – given that this embroidery machine is an advancement of the modern sewing machine. It’s a little off that its LCD screen is black and white rather than a colored one. It would definitely be much better if they make it that way. Designs would be more attractive and can be more appreciated.
  • Needle Tends To Break Easily– this machine can do almost everything. It could do 400 stitches per minute for an embroidery project, and up to 710 stitches per minute for a sewing project. But some users claimed that if they try to use the machine at its full speed, the needle tends to break easily. So, still you must also consider the control of speed while doing your project. 
  • Must Pay For Additional Designs– I am very certain that it would take you a lot of efforts if you would search for your preferred designs through the internet. Actually, the Brothers are also giving options to their customers if they would like to have additional designs for their embroidery machine. But the thing is, you have to pay for it. Still, it depends upon you. Whether you’ll make an effort to search or just pay and have the designs instantly. 

Who Should Consider Getting Brother SE400 

Both beginners and advanced users may utilize and maximize this model of the Brother’s sewing machine. Not only that it is very easy to use as a whole, but even its different parts can also be used with ease. An example of this is the backlit LCD touch screen display, it helps the sewist to access built-in designs and more. Another is the bobbin-winding system which helps for ease of threading. Even for those who are just trying to sew can embellish a lot of beautiful projects out of this machine. Aside from the user’s manual, the LCD screen also provides tutorials on how to use the machine very well. Really an amazing initiative from the Brothers company. 

Features and Benefits of Brother SE400

Here are some of the Brother SE400 has to offer:

67 Built-In Sewing Stitches

67 stitches is more than enough to successfully work on the most advanced sewing projects with still an ultimate accuracy. The choices of stitches can be seen on the right side of the machine with a small diagram of each stitch. This gives you an advantage when it comes to manual stitches by just simply choosing on the given sewing stitches. With this feature, uniqueness and creativity is achievable. 

70 Built-In Embroidery Designs

If you usually do your embroidery project with your bare hands, then you know that choosing a design or pattern would take a lot of time. But with these 70 built in designs, you will be able to start your embroidery right away. 

Up to 710 Stitches Per Minute (Sewing)

This feature allows you to work efficiently and effectively. It saves a lot of your time and it also gives you additional chances of doing more sewing projects. Maximizing the sewing speed of this sewing and embroidery machine would be impressive. You will definitely complete your work even before the expected deadline. 

Touch Screen LCD

The LCD display is where most of the work begins. This display screen is very sensitive yet vital for it will serve as your central hub for all of your stitches and embroidery design options. This feature allows you to choose your stitches or patterns and many other features in just one tap.

Large Embroidery Area

The embroidery area is 4” x 4” in dimension. Meaning, you could create sophisticated squares from it. It also comes with an LED light which helps you to see the needle more clearly. It will be very easy and convenient to do your embroidery projects because of this amazing feature. This sewing and embroidery machine gives you enough space to work on larger designs than usual. 

Automatic Needle Threader

When sewing or embroidery, it is very ideal to start your work as early or as fast as possible. Pricking your fingers while trying to thread a needle is so inconvenient. But big credit to this automatic needle threader feature of this sewing and embroidery machine. You would have no hard time setting up the needle. It also comes with an automatic thread cutter which is extremely useful and easy to operate.

Other Features

The workspace is brightly lit so that you can see the embroidery as it works. You might find tapping a screen with your finger annoying after a while. To deal with this, Brother has included a tap pen so that you can easily choose your settings without leaving smudges all over the machine’s LCD screen. Moreover, free arm designs add extra sewing functionality. Also, this machine has 8 presser feet with snap-on mounting and a lot more other features that will ensure the efficiency and quality of your work. 

What Other Are Saying

Most users are having fun using the machine[2]. They were able to maximize its features and made a lot of projects out of it. Most reviews are applauding the feature that allows the users to use an embroidery design of their own. There are some insights that throughout using the sewing and embroidery machine for years, it runs to some problems. But off course, if ever you’ll be buying this machine, you have to consider its maintenance at least once every year to ensure that it continues to perform the quality of works it ought to deliver.

Nevertheless, the Brother SE400 sewing and embroidery capacities are almost limitless. It works to its purpose and is perfect for your everyday project.

Alternatives of Brother SE400

For instance, there is something that you are looking for but could not find with the Brother SE400, I’ve provided other sewing machine options that can possibly be perfect for your sewing needs and budget. As always, there are so many models out there and the best model is usually the one that fits what you are looking for. You could have the so called best machine, but it doesn’t serve your needs, it is quite useless in my opinion. That said let’s look at the three alternatives I would recommend below: 

Singer 9985 Quantum Stylist Touch Sewing Machine

The Singer 9985 Quantum Stylist Touch Sewing Machine is a beginner-friendly and easy-to use sewing machine. Not a typical sewing machine that is manually operated, this machine features a color touch screen. Through it, you can view tutorials on how to set up your machine for sewing. It also comes with more than 1000 different stitches applications that you can scroll through. Also, the actual size of the stitch is being displayed at the screen. Plus, you can actually customize the length and the width of the stitches based on your needs or preferences. This machine also features 13 different styles of buttonholes that you can choose from. This model of Singer will surely make you more creative as you can be.

Brother Innov-is NS80E Sewing Machine

This machine is very portable and an excellent option for travelling. Mainly because of its smaller size than the other sewing machines. It features a 2.56” Monochrome LCD display for visibility of stitch options and easier adjustments. Packed with 80 built-in sewing stitches and 8 one-step auto-size buttonhole styles that you can choose from. It also has “feed dogs” and longer J foot features for consistent stitch and smoother sewing. This sewing machine could be a perfect fit for beginners, and even for skilled sewers. 

Janome Sewist 780DC Sewing Machine

An easy-to-use sewing machine and a computerized one, that’s how I would describe the Janome Sewist 780DC. It has a lot of time saving features that makes it a convenient and beginner-friendly sewing machine. It has 80 built-in stitches. 20 comes from the direct stitch selection and the rest are displayed on the stitch chart. You can select a stitch using the LCD together with the foot, length and width of the stitch. It is all adjustable depending on your sewing needs. It also features an automatic thread cutter. More than that, you could also adjust the length of the stitch at its maximum size. Beginners and advanced users may consider using this product for it has a speed control to customize your sewing speed. This time saving sewing machine is perfect for efficient and high quality sewing projects. 


The Brother SE400 Computerized Embroidery and Sewing Machine deals with almost anything you need to begin your sewing and decorative projects. It features a lot of different accessories in which you may use to level up your skills and creativity in sewing. This machine would be perfect for everyone. With its technology and innovation plus its assurance for a long term use because of its quality, this surely is a great investment. You can have it out right now within your fingerprints. Check it out here!


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