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Brother PE770 Sewing Machine Review

Computerized sewing machines are definitely great innovations of old manual sewing machines that weigh so much. This enables sewists of all levels to expand their creativity in sewing. And in this review, we’ll be focusing on the overall performance of Brother PE770 — a computerized sewing machine specifically designed for embroidery. And to ensure that its quality and features are as advertised, take a look at this Brother PE770 review.


Key Specifications

  • Dimensions: 21.2 x 16.9 x 17.3 inches
  • Machine Weight: 26.6 pounds
  • Built-in Sewing Stitches: 136 embroidery stitches
  • Maximum Sewing Speed: 650 stitches per minute
  • Warranty: 25-year limited warranty

Brother company started by manufacturing sewing machines during the early 1900’s to 1960’s. Then they ventured in different products such as electronics and appliances. In fact, they came with the world’s first ever high-speed dot-matrix printer during the year 1971. From there, they have already manufactured a wide variety of products such as typewriters and printers, photocopying machines, fax machines, etc.[1] And in today’s era, Brother is one of the most well-known electronic appliances in the market. Thus, this product holds its reputation of being one of the best. 


  • Easy Threading – This machine is an easy threader as it has an automatic needle threader. This helps save you some time to finish your project.
  • LCD Touch Screen – What’s amazing about this model is that it has a LCD touch screen display to help you easily navigate through the features of the machine. You can view tutorials and easily adjust settings.
  • Automatic Needle Cutter – This will make your job a lot easier and faster which only needs a press of a button.


  • Stitch Limitations – As it is specifically designed for embroidering, it really does lack in versatility, making it only necessary when you really need or want to get a separate one. It only comes with 136 built-in embroidery designs and 6 alphanumeric fonts. 
  • Bobbin Issues – There has been some reports on how the thread would occasionally leave the bobbin. As it’s supposed to make things easier, it might not be so hassle-free.

Who Should Consider Getting Brother PE770

This computerized embroidering machine is especially best for people who are fond or have knowledge with embroidery. It can also be used by people who want to level-up their embroidery skills, but also works well for beginner enthusiasts who just want a machine that’s easy-to-use and comes with a large array of features and options. This Brother model includes an impressive 136 built-in embroidery designs, 6 lettering fonts, and 10 different frame options which can be created using your choice of 12 different stitch options. The lettering font options include serif, sans serif, script, outline and bold fonts [2]. 

This is a very user-friendly machine which recommends users to initially read the instruction or manual guide thoroughly before operating, to prevent damage or malfunctions. And since it has an automatic needle threader and needle cutter, it actually really helps you easily sew a design with ease. This machine’s high-level of user-friendliness and all its features greatly helps in creating a project much easier, and faster. If the ideal embroidery machine for you shall include numerous patterns and designs, then this computerized machine from Brother will fit perfectly. Overall, it’s definitely a great investment for anyone who gets their hands on this. 

Features and Benefits of Brother PE770

Easy Threading

This feature prevents users from getting an eye strain from inserting the thread into the eye of the needle. This will definitely save you a lot of time and effort. Thus, most people look forward to this feature. To make sure that the user can thread easily, there is a printed numbered chart on the machine itself which you need to follow to get acquainted with the machine. When compared to the other embroidery machine, the Brother PE770 offers you easy threading with its automatic needle threader. It has 11 sewing feet that include the overcasting, zipper, blind stitch, etc.

Computer Connectivity 

This advanced feature isn’t usually seen in most computerized sewing machines, thus, this will definitely give you an advantage. This allows users to import designs from the internet into their machine. This is made possible by a direct computer connection via USB port. 

Backlit LCD Touch Screen Display

This embroidery machine includes a backlit LCD touch screen display. This backlit LCD touch screen display allows users to quickly navigate through the numerous features and settings of the machine.Since it’s a touchscreen, you won’t have to fiddle with any knobs or buttons.

Wide Embroidery Area

This machine comes with a large embroidery area which is approximately 5 x 7 inches in size, making it differ from other embroidery machines. This may be just a small addition to the work area, but it’s actually a big help because it gives you more space to create larger monograms. Monogramming is a process of combining alphabets and numbers with an intricate design that’s 

done through the use of embroidery. An example are embroidered names or numbers on towels, bags, handkerchiefs, caps, and many more. 

Embroidery Card Slot

This port will help users expand their collection of embroidery designs. This will allow you to save your favorite designs without getting a full-memory. And luckily, embroidery cards can be purchased online.

Design Editing Features

This model does not only offer you an LCD screen, but also additional editing features such as mirror-image, rotate, and cropping options. One cool thing about it is that it will show you new changes made on the design to verify and select the new options for embroidery and monogramming.

Automatic Thread Cutter

This is also a great time-saving feature which helps users work on projects swiftly and with ease. All you need is one push of a button. This reduces the time spent dealing with a large number of threads and eliminates the possibility of making mistakes as well. 

Varieties Of Embroidery Designs

Even if it’s limited to being used just for embroidery and monogramming, it’s actually a pretty good amount of designs for a machine focused on just embroidery. It offers both traditional and modern designs to suit various tastes. It also comes with 12 border styles and 10 frame shapes.

Spool Designs

Embroiderers actually love the designed spools that come with the machine. The spools have a double-snap design with snaps at the top and bottom to prevent thread from unwinding.

iBroidery Compatible

Luckily, this embroidery machine is compatible with all the available embroidery designs from — this includes a wide array of limited edition designs created by Brother, along with licensed characters from Disney or Nickelodeon.

Quick-Set Bobbin

This feature allows users to pull the thread through the slot after dropping the bobbin to start embroidering right away. And since the bobbin system is jam-resistant, you’ll definitely get great quality stitches.


This also includes two LED lights to help you get more visibility no matter what time of day or night. This is extremely helpful whenever you want to do your project in the evening. As a matter of fact, according to users, the two LED lights work well enough at night and even dim light.

Other Features

  • Embroidery arm
  • Built-in memory
  • Quick-set bobbin
  • Dust cover
  • Accessory bag with scissors, seam ripper, cleaning brush, needle set, 2 screwdrivers, 3 spool caps, and 3 bobbins

What Others Are Saying

Brother PE770 has actually been a delight especially for embroidering enthusiasts. The majority of people who got this model had just replaced their old embroidering machines that had been with them for so long. And upon trying out the machine, the customer’s have been fond of it ever since. This has helped users easily create their monograms or any embroidering-related designs. However, just like any other electronic appliance, it still has its downside. Customer’s seem to struggle with the hoops included in the machine due to the fact that its manual or instructional guide isn’t clear with the hooping description. 

Alternatives of Brother PE770

If you’re looking for an alternative besides Brother PE770, try and check out these three computerized sewing machines that may work perfectly for you.

Singer 9985 Quantum Stylist Touch Sewing Machine

From the name itself, this sewing machine is fully computerized with advanced features. It has a large colored LCD touch screen which allows viewing designs and watching tutorials while sewing. One of its most important features is its 960 built-in stitches namely, 10 Essential, 21 Stretch, 212 Decorative, 13 Buttonholes, 6 Styles of Alphabets & Numerals. It also includes an extension table to easily create larger projects. However, it can’t quite work with heavy-duty fabrics and multi-layered fabrics as it may damage the unit. 

Brother Innov-is NS80E Sewing Machine

This is also a computerized sewing machine, its advantage is that it is easily portable and compact. It also includes a ton of features such as 80 built-in stitches, 8 one-step auto-size buttonhole styles, automatic needle threader, LCD screen for easy-viewing, super bright LED light, and so on and so forth. Anyone will definitely enjoy using this machine because it’s lightweight, making it easier to move around and store away. The only downside is its lack of features such as an automatic thread cutter, free-motion quilting foot, and can’t sew on all types of fabrics. 

Janome Sewist 780 DC Sewing Machine

It is a fully computerized sewing machine with 80 built-in stitches, automatic thread cutter, auto bobbin winder system, needle threader, easy set bobbin system, needle up/down button, and an auto-lock stitch for precision locking of stitches and patterns. It’s also fairly lightweight as it only weighs 14.3 pounds. What’s great about it is it already has all the necessary features you want in a computerized sewing machine, plus the speed.


Brother PE770 is a great choice for people who want to expand their skills in embroidery. The best thing about it is its ease of use. Anyone would want to buy an appliance that’s easy to use. In addition, transferring and storing files from computer to machine or vice versa is really simple. It has all the necessary features in a computerized sewing machine but with advanced technology. It is ideal for beginners and intermediate-level embroiderers. And if you can’t wait to get your hands on this machine, click here to check the product out. 


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