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Best Polarized Sunglasses For Women

Do you have very sensitive eyes that make it almost impossible for you to see anything when light reflects into them from a surface? Do you experience pain, stress, or fatigue in your eyes when there is a change in the angle or intensity of light? If you experience any of these, bear in mind … Read more

Best Victoria Secret Bra

Can you keep a secret? Classy women do. And that’s because they wear Victoria’s Secret. It defines comfort, sexy, classy and elegance. Nothing gives you more confidence as wearing a pair of intricately designed underwear made with you in mind. And when it comes to bras, Victoria’s secret exists just for you. You don’t want … Read more

Best Victoria’s Secret Perfumes 2019 – Buyer’s Guide and Review

Do you feel at odds when it’s time for you to pick an eligible Victoria’s Secret Perfume that matches your signature scent amid dunes of 300+ perfumes available from their stable on the web? Victoria’s Secret is a one-in-a-million fashion brand that embodies and espouses feminine perfection in terms of sensuality and sexiness. And that … Read more

12 Best Oxford Shoes for Women

What’s more painful than not having shoes is buying the wrong ones. Experientially, I’ve been down that road. I urgently needed some new casual shoes, and I placed an order in desperation. In 48 hours, I’ve got my shoes, but in less than 14 days, the soles ripped open. Really, I can’t tell how it … Read more

12 Best T-Shirt Bras of Every Woman

A T-shirt bra is a must-have if you are looking to rock that your lovely shirt without having your bra show or suffer the discomfort of a clingy bra. The smoothness of a T-shirt bra makes it easier for you to use with your tees. With a T-shirt bra, you don’t have to continually look … Read more


What’s really the fuss about Lululemon pants? What makes them different from regular pants? I get this question all the time. But the surprising thing is that people are still buying them in tons. Lululemon is a fantastic brand, and they are not in anyone’s league. You’re probably reading this because you’ve been caught in … Read more

Mormon Fashion Bloggers

i believe in unicorns. The Pretty Life Anonymous  Wearing It On My Sleeves How Not to Dress Like a Mom cotton and curls The House of Shoes. The Mrs. & the MOMMA Rachel Sayumi Pretty, Polished, Perfect. Head Over Heels Haircut and General Attitude Harley and Jane  lace, etc. Dearest Lou Plane Pretty Fashions on … Read more