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Best Victoria’s Secret Perfumes 2019 – Buyer’s Guide and Review

Do you feel at odds when it’s time for you to pick an eligible Victoria’s Secret Perfume that matches your signature scent amid dunes of 300+ perfumes available from their stable on the web?

Victoria’s Secret is a one-in-a-million fashion brand that embodies and espouses feminine perfection in terms of sensuality and sexiness. And that is why searching for the cream of the crop; the best of the best is really a Herculean task but we have pulled it off notwithstanding.

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Finally after weeks of dedicated study, we are proud to reveal to you some of most top-of-the-line eclectic perfumes from the VS brand. We considered a lot of factors in our choice for the best fragrances especially user review metrics.

It’s now time to bring out the inner sexy in you with this all-encompassing buyer’s guide for the ultimate Victoria’s Secret perfumes on the web.


Here we go.

1. Heavenly Eau de Parfum 3.4 fl. Oz  

Heavenly Eau de Parfum blends notes of Vanilla, Sandalwood White Musk and a dash of White Peony to gives a warm eerie fragrance. Its extraordinary staying power is great for any romantic occasion. Thumbs up to the bottle, which looks glam and will fabulously fit flawlessly on your powder room sink or dresser.

Interestingly, we find the scent perfect for anyone who needs to spritz something that’s not too fruity or floral. And while the fragrance has gone through minor tweaking – to appeal to trendy demands of the younger generation, the main notes remain unchanged.

Heavenly projects an aura of elegance and eroticism and is incredulously versatile. It longevity is such that Bombshell doesn’t come close.  And it’s way cheaper online than in a Victoria’s Secret store.

2. Bombshell Eau de Parfum 3.4 fl. Oz

This is Victoria’s Secret’s perfume line bestseller, and rightly so because of its fruity floral fragrance which has been christened the ‘LBD of Fragrance’. This spritz comprises notes of purple passion fruit, Vanilla Orchid and Shangri-La Peony for that head-spinning smooth, fruity, flowery scent. You can wear it to any occasion at any time of the day and still make comments rain from every corner.

Users also love it because of its distinctive aroma; perfect for when you’re feeling feminine and flirty. VS Bombshell has an effervescent, oceanic, and bubble bath-like smell.

3. Love Spell Eau de Toilette 1 fl. Oz

Although not a perfume in the conventional sense, Love Spell makes you feel as though you’ve adorned flowers all over your body. It features floral dashes of Peach, White Jasmine, and Cherry Blossom.

Again, this VS outlay is only available as Eau de Toilette (Toilet Water), mist and body lotion, meaning that it’s ideal for people who don’t like spritzing perfumes. A downside to this is that the aroma does not last as long as Eau de Parfums* because its concentration is simply not as intense. Another letdown is that it’s in limited supply online and in stores. So if you have a chance to grab it, grab a lot of it.

Love Spell keeps you oozing of freshness for a copious number of hours before retouching. You can take it along when you’re on vacation or school field trip for that warm, refreshing outing.  Its no-hassle bottle prevents spillage and an ergonomic spray nozzle makes it a travel-worthy companion. Love Spell is recommended for all skin types

*The concentration of an Eau de Parfum (8 to 14%) is greater than that of an Eau de Toilette (5 to 9%).

4. Endless Love Fragrance Mist 8.4 fl. Oz

This mist produces a certain magic that enchants everyone around you. The VS Endless Love fragrance mist combines a sorcerous blend of Peach, Apple Blossom, Aloe Vera, Ylang-Ylang, and Pomegranate to soothe and condition you skin and senses. It is dermatologically tested so there are no adverse effects or surprises.

One misfire we found about Endless Love is that it needs to be sprayed superfluously for the aroma to stick, meaning that its volume will be used up much faster. Users have also said that the fragrance is too sweet – a concern for all fruity scents since forever. More than 100 commenters are blown away by the smell.

All in all, we recommend this perfume if you’re one who wants to radiate with freshness all day, every day. Therefore ladies, you can wear this outrageously scenting mist to a professional meeting or to the movies with your beau.

5. Night Eau de Parfum 1.7 fl. Oz

Night was launched in 2013, drawing inspiration from the midnight scenery of Paris. It has since taken users on new adventures. It is gentle yet remarkable, with a warm fragrance that makes it an irresistible brand to supermodels. This perfume combines Black Plum, Midnight Orchids, Velvet Woods, Luscious Apple and Musk, to transform you into a tantalizing and sensual force of nature.

The black rhinestone-studded container is the perfect appendage to any classy lady. So, if you’re looking to add a subtle fragrance that harbingers your presence in a get-together, then VS’ Night is for you. One letdown about it is that it doesn’t last long – for a full-blown perfume.

Users also feel that the name ‘Night’ is misleading as it doesn’t have any sparky, head-rolly notes that can be ascribed to the nighttime. It has a floral tang that we can always expect from other perfumes from Victoria’s Secret.

6. Tease Scented Fragrance 8.4 fl. Oz

Distilled for the complete flirt, VS Tease is what happens when a seductress meets a fop. This body elixir is arguably the ultimate in the art of seduction. Tease is gingerly on the skin makes you stand out without being overwhelming.

This fragrance is a bedroom-inspired spray that is reminiscent of the salons of France. Its highly attractive packaging features fishnet and latticed packaging on the flask in alongside a pink vaporizer that made our eyes roll with glee.

Did we forget to list the notes? Tease is brewed to ooze notes of Black Vanilla, Frozen Pear, and Blooming Gardenia. One small setback to this scent is its longevity, it staying power wanes after one hour or so. It’s quite a shame that it doesn’t last for even a quarter for a day. Overall, it makes users feel like they’re fresh out of the shower.

7. Crush Fragrance Mist 3.4 fl. Oz

This is a zany but swanky mix of floral and fruitiness, with a juvenile, fresh scent that invokes the feeling of desire towards you from passersby. Let’s intimate you that the scent is a bergamot-based concoction that sends you to cloudland from the very first spritz. The bottle design is catchy, and there’s no cork to nick off. Simply squeeze the tope to reveal the vaporizer to enjoy its sweet essence.  Crush is so good that it makes no difference if you own a million perfumes already. You have to cop get this one.

It is formulated for the burgeoning youth and is perfect for the summer (South Asians, South Americans, and Floridians would love this in particular). This is not to say that it isn’t great for cooler weather, in fact, you can gift Crush to any of your family members at Christmas or any festive period. Its notes include Peony, Ashok Flower, and Pink Peppercorn.

8. Very Sexy Eau de Parfum 1.7 fl. Oz

When you put seduction in a bottle, what you’ll get is a compelling and arousing fragrance. Such is the ravishing lure of this fan favorite. Very sexy lets you experience its quasi-peppery fragrance in what we call ‘olfactory 3D’ because its smell is layered, all-over-the-place, and memorable.

We also think it qualifies for the “best spicy” award because its spiciness is unparalleled. Its notes include Vanilla Orchid, Wild Blackberry and Clementine. Special advisory: use lightly as this is one of the strongest perfumes that Victoria’s Secret has ever put out. So it’s best to use it for nighttime or special events. It also receives raving almost impeccable reviews from users.

9. So Sexy Eau de Parfum 3.4 fl. Oz

This makes an entry to this countdown with its slight but noticeable scent that lasts fairly long. It’s a smash hit for us as people only whined that it should have come in a bigger volume! Its fragrance is peculiarly fresh, lush and lovely. It also comes in a very beautiful pick bottle.

So sexy is your go-to perfume if you intend to make a statement of intent. Its subtle scent compels us to classify it as a daytime spray, perfect for spring or summery seasons. It’ll also stays with you for an all-night shift or an 8-hour workday. The fragrance is Crisp Paradise Apple, Chantilly Cream, Bergamot and vanilla. Perfumes from VS always have near perfect reviews and this one is no different.

10. Fantasies Mist Vanilla Lace 8.4 fl. Oz

Initially released in the early 2000s, this exotic perfume has an Asian feel to it. It’s one of those perfumes that you can trust for a year-round allure. It’s made for use after a shower and for delicately scented skin.

Fantasies mist vanilla lace will definitely have guys drooling over you; wondering if another angel was sent down from heaven. Thanks to its fascinating vanilla base, wears can be sure that its snare will last fairly long. This product is either being imitated a lot or out of stock on Amazon. But you can get it on Fragrantica.

11. PINK Fresh and Clean Body Mist 8.4 fl. Oz

The focal notes of this fanciful body musk are Sea spray, Tiare flower that tells us that you’re in for something tropical and fresh. User purring over the web has indicated its suitability for a Sunday out on campus or on the beach. It is so subtle yet perfect for going to the office or a night out.

Another glaring feature of this body mist is its quick absorbent properties, lasting longer in outdoor conditions and in the warm months of summer.  Its Aloe Vera condiment has a conditioning effect while its major constituents enhance impressionability.  

Carry this bottle when you’re going out because the fact that it’s a body mist and not your traditional perfume means that you’ll be retouching more often. Overall, users have are satisfied with this product.

12. Love Rocks Body Mist 8.4 fl. Oz

Raunchy meets classy in this widely sought-after cologne by VS. Love Rocks artfully fusions notes of Peony, Vanilla, Violet, and Bergamot. Gladly, is also available as perfume and Body Mist. Users we have analyzed tag it for women who like strong, masculine whiffs. Love Rocks is best suited for a casual day out.

Under all that madcap, blood-red packaging, Love Rocks comes with an edgy floral scent that does not overwhelm the senses. So if you’re one to place good fragrances about everything else in a perfume, then Love Rocks is sure your rock you world and send you to Seventh Heaven.

The demand for this scent is so high that it’s usually in short supply. Little wonder it’s a bit pricey.

13. So In Love Fragrance Mist 8.4 Fl. Oz

This is a hypnotic fragrance that puts the wearer in utter, verdant and floral ecstasy. It makes a reentry into the market due to clamorous consumer demand. It combines Rose, Cognac, Honey, Jasmine, Violet Leaves, and Ylang-Ylang.

The honey tones sweeten the pie, while the cognac flavor warms it up just enough to accentuate its beautiful rosy essence. So in love is suitable for all ages – truly timeless.

This spicy fragrance even has a group of connoisseurs that swear its natural fragrance. So In Love is an aromatic love limerick that does no wrong. You can wear it on a date or to set up a desired mood. It is also available as perfume. Unfortunately, this fragrance in limited supply.

14. Wicked Eau de Parfum Perfume 3.4 Fl. Oz

This is one of the best Victoria’s Secret perfumes with authentic pungency from exotic notes like Black Sugar, Tahitian Vanilla, and Freesia. It’s a warm scent that is produced for the 99.9% saint. It can be won by anyone, lasts long and has a sweet aroma that’s neither fruity nor floriated. 

We are pretty convinced that the minds involved in the creation of Wicked were high on meth because it’s one of the zestiest fragrances from the VS stable. It’s really an absolute win for all because it’s nice, warm, neither too fruity nor floral, and has great dry down (smell that lingers on after the initial notes have diffused off).

The sweet Tahitian Vanilla flavor is the most prominent spice. This prominence is toned down pretty well by the other floral undertones.

15. Coconut Passion Fragrance Mist 8.4 fl. Oz

This has got reviewers and a user raving about well coconut and vanilla was mixed in perfect fashion. It opens up a burst of sweet, warm, delectable vanilla mixed with a tone of milky coconut that refreshes the skin. In our opinion, it should have been named vanilla passion because that is its bottom note. Coconut passion gives a very mature summery, toasted coconut edge, and with it, you can never go wrong. It’s definitely a big compliment drawer. Be careful too as your significant other may inadvertently gobble you up.

Coconut passion is suitable for work, dates, romantic night outs or hookups. And although it is suitable for all ages, it naturally has a youthful twist. On its effectiveness, one user mused: “we have a community spray at the waitress post at work so when coming back from smoke breaks, one can quickly spray themselves before going back to a group of nonsmokers or someone who’s sensitive to heavy perfumes, masking the smoke smell without being overpowering.”

16. Rapture Eau de Cologne 1.7 fl. Oz

Victoria’s Secret decided to take a break from the juvenile candy-style scenting that comprises most of its portfolio for a scent that caters for mature women. As soon as it is atomized, you’ll perceive the initial bergamot notes, which give way to Bulgarian Rose, Jasmine and Freesia notes that will make any man weak in the knees.

At the end, you’ll be introduced to the convening notes of Musk, Vanilla and Amber for that sizzling mature smell. Rapture is highly sought-after and from user comments, we have reason to believe that VS is about to discontinue this product line.

17. PINK Made You All-Over Mist 8.4 fl. Oz

Women espouse PINK Made You All-over because if it’s crisp, fruity feel and ravishing notes of Pink Praline and Berry. It is known to exude an aromatic and therapeutic effect, lasting longer than most body mists. Its metallic wrap opens up to the perfect holiday gift.

One turn-off to this product is that it’s a limited edition perfume. That means it’s not readily available. And due to its high demand, you’d expect it to be pricey but it’s not.

18. Dream Angels Divine Eau de Parfum 4.2 fl. Oz

The Dream Angels Divine is a perfume that has been around since 2000. Somehow, it has defied rapidly transitioning fashion epochs to endear users with its great scent, modern appeal and longevity.  Its notes include Hyacinth, Lily, Jasmine, Cyclamen, Rose, Amber, and a lace of Musk. And while it might be hard to decipher this perfume’s main undertones, it maintains an even composition through and through.

Dream Angels Divine has both ethereal and floral notes, and lot of users have given it the gong of “Best Daytime Scent” as it’s a charm for spring- and summertime.

19. Scandalous Eau de Parfum 1.7 fl. Oz

Scandalous is a whole new level of dreamland that you can expect from Victoria’s Secret. With undertones of Raspberry Liquor, Praline, and Black Peony, this scent screams ‘slay’ out loud. And you’ll be hitting the right buttons in no time due to its exotic combination.

It has a nice, slight dry down and overall, its effects do not last long but hey, this perfume is great if you want to ruffle things up a bit while pledging your allegiance with the fruity-floral gang.

And at this stage we’d like to state that VS has dominated the fruity-floral market. Generally, we summate that Scandalous is really just as comparable with other VS perfumes out there.

20. Passion Struck Flirt Fragrance Mist

Think passion stuck if you’re looking you’re looking to set up a seductive and appealing ambience. The passion struck body mist from VS is a surefire way to light up your olfactory nerves up to your cerebral cortex, for that intense fiery passion that gushes with every spritz.

It has a fruity undertone that combines sweet notes to give that psychedelic, sensual scent all through. We couldn’t expect anything less from this refreshingly clean victoria’s secret package.

What to look for in a Victoria’s Secret perfume

Victoria’s secret entered perfumery in the early 80s and has since been bringing the hottest concoctions that make heads roll. It could be an arduous task to compare fragrances, so here are some tips to watch out for when buying a VS perfume.

Your trademark scent

This is your signature fragrance and requires diligence to figure out. First and foremost, perceive the notes of the fragrance. They are usually three; the top, middle, and bottom notes – just as we have in music.

  • Top notes: These denote the most pronounced aroma of the perfume which will last on the skin for around 5 minutes, giving way to the mid-notes. Headnotes is another term for top notes.
  • Middle notes: These are also called the heart notes and comes after the headnotes, lasting up to 60 minutes.
  • Bottom notes: These are the heaviest scents that stick with you throughout the day. These notes linger on your clothes, scarves and pets.


Perfumes are formulated mainly from botanical extracts and aromatic substances, blended in varying percentages. We have analyzed some of the categories as follows:

  • Eau de Parfum: 0 to 30% aromatic compounds
  • Eau de Toilette: 5 to 20% aromatic compounds
  • Eau de cologne: 2 to 5% aromatic compounds

As a rule of thumb, the final brew of the perfume can vary as per perfume house. Also, the greater the aromatic compounds used, the longer it will take for the aroma to evaporate. So, if you want a fragrance that lasts long, go for a perfume formulation. But if you want something that wears off rapidly, grab an Eau de Cologne.


Not all VS perfumes are readily available on the web and this is an important point of consideration. The one you may so desire could be a limited edition fragrance and this can be a letdown. Some of the best things are usually hard to come by so it’s best to find a scent that you can easily replenish.


The longevity of your perfume has a lot to do with its composition. Eau de parfums and perfumes usually last longer due to their oil-based constituents. Mists and colognes may not linger on for hours or the whole day and you need to reapply them from time to time.


How do I use my wrist to try a VS fragrance?

Spritz the perfume on your wrist and allow it to stand for a few seconds. Move your wrist up to your nose and smell for 3-5 seconds. Identify which notes come to you.

Smell again after a few minutes and record the notes that linger on your skin. This method lets you identify the mid-notes. For a more profound smell, try the fragrance and move out and about for a while to refresh your nose. Come back after an hour or two and smell again, this will allow the bottom notes to become preeminent.

It’s also important to observe the pulse regions of your body; where blood flow is the strongest and that is why we use our wrists to check fragrances. 

How do I store my VS perfume?

Depending on the room’s temperature, perfumes can deteriorate. Hence, it’s best to store your Victoria’s Secret bottle away from light in a secure place. Avoid excessive heat as this may breakdown the chemistry of the aroma. The shelf life of most perfumes is usually 3-5 years.

How do I apply a perfume?

  • Step 1: Look for unscented toiletries or one that is about the same fragrance of your current perfume.
  • Step 2: moisturize the skin with body lotion that has the same scent with your perfume. This layers the fragrance  and helps it last throughout the day. Body lotion helps to moisturize the skin.
  • Step 3: spritz the perfume on the air at chest level and walk through it. This gives an even, all-over scent.
  • Step 4: apply the fragrance to any of your pulse points. Your pulse point is that part of your body that helps project the scent more. They are usually located behind your knees, the inside of wrists, behind your ears, elbow, and the base of your throat. Perfume your hair as it diffuses the perfume slowly all day; and your ankles from where the scent can rise.
  • Step 5: endeavor to plan a reapplication every 4 hours. However, do ask someone else to confirm if you need to because the nose becomes accustomed to smells over time, and you’ll probably think that the scent has worn off before it really has.
  • Step 6: since heat and humidity intensifies smells, it’s best to use a lighter version of your perfume it lotion, cologne or toilette version in summer, except for perfume and parfum which has higher concentrations of the scent.

Are there any dos and don’ts about using perfumes?

Oh yes, there are! Avoid blending fragrances together. While you search for your signature scent, endeavor to use light, fresh, and fruity fragrances for summery weather, trying another fragrance during winter.

If you’re a teen or young woman, choose lighter and fresher notes. For more mature women who like to make bold statements, go for strong, aromatic fragrances. Feel free to seek counsel from a consultant, dermatologist, or family and friends often.

Don’t apply perfumes that contain alcohol before going to the beach because it can irritate your skin. Endeavor to pick a new scent for a special occasion or location because perfumes are used to associate special memories.

What are perfumes made from?

The manufacturing process of perfumes includes collection, extraction, blending and aging.

Collection: this involves the gathering of plant substances that are hand-picked for their scent. Aromatic chemicals are created in the lab by chemists while animal scents are extracted from fatty substances from the animals.

Extraction; this involves the extraction of essential oils using the processes of steam distillation, enfleurage, solvent extraction, maceration and expression.

Blending: involves collecting the essential oils and blending them together using several ingredients, sometimes as much as 800 across several years for a particular scent or formula to develop. When this fragrance has developed, it is mixed with alcohol. The amount of alcohol present in the perfume varies significantly. Most original perfumes usually comprise 10 to 20% perfume oils dissolved in alcohol or in water. Colognes contain circa 3 to 5% oil diluted in 80 to 90% alcohol and 10% water. Toilet water has the least concentration of the bunch with 2% oil mixed with 60 to 80% alcohol and 20% water.

Aging: authentic perfume is usually maintained for several months or years after it is blended. The specialist or nose will test the formulation once again to ensure that the correct scent has been attained. Each perfume has three notes: the top notes (notes de tete), middle notes (notes de Coeur), and bottom notes (notes de fond). Top notes have a characteristic tangy or citrusy smell, mid-notes like jasmine and rose provide “body” while bottom notes have the most enduring scent.

Thousands of flowers are harvested to produce one pound of essential oil. Just think how many perfumes will be affected by a flower disease epidemic or adverse weather conditions.

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