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Best Victoria Secret Bra

Can you keep a secret? Classy women do. And that’s because they wear Victoria’s Secret.

It defines comfort, sexy, classy and elegance. Nothing gives you more confidence as wearing a pair of intricately designed underwear made with you in mind.

And when it comes to bras, Victoria’s secret exists just for you. You don’t want to have a lousy bra day anytime and anywhere. The experience is not something you will like. You can’t imagine.

Bras are every woman’s must-have. We all need it, for the comfort, protection and support of the “beautiful twins”. 

Your twins deserve the best. You don’t want to put them in an uncomfortable situation which can lead to aches and pains.

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Victoria’s Secret has that in mind and is determined to make you something to save your day all the time.

Getting the best Victoria’s Secret bras was a hard task, but here we have 12 on the list. 

1. Body by Victoria Full Coverage Bra

Intricately designed to fit you, and boost your confidence. This full-coverage bra is ideal for big-chested ladies who seek comfort and beauty.

The bra has a sheer lace for a beautiful and sexy finish. It does not come with a back hook instead of a front Hook. It also has adjustable straps so you can get your perfect fitting anytime any day. 

The straps close in such a way that they distribute weight away from the shoulders. The breast cups also underwired for extra support and the fabric is doubled for extra smoothness. it does not rub against your skin.

The bra also conforms to your curves, and it hugs your skin without digging it to give you a muffin top. The full double-lined back design also smoothes your skin.

Don’t you love this already? 


  • Enhances your shape with easily adjustable straps
  • Smooth and comfortable fabric


  • May not be very convenient for big-chested women

2. Dream Angels Wicked Unlined Balconette Bra

In a time when push-up bras come with padding, there is a need to maintain the shape of one’s breasts without the aid of pads. 

Made with the most beautiful nylon, spandex and polyester, the dream angels wicked unlined balconette bra is designed to give a little lift to your breasts to provide you with a confidence boost. 

This is because of a hidden innovative sling in this sexy feminine coverage which provides a perfect natural boost to the shape of your breasts without padding. 

Also, the unlined balconette bra has adjustable straps and back closure for ease of comfort coupled with a silhouette that will give you the contentment you desire. 


  • This bra is ideal for women with medium-sized firm breasts who wish to enhance beauty without recourse to pad.
  • With this delicate allover lace bra to give up the desired comfort you seek, you are set to go for the day.


  • The bra doesn’t last long like other Victoria secrets bras

3. Incredible By Victoria’s Secret Lace Plunge Bra 

One unique and enchanting feature about this bra is that it pushes up even without padding.

The sheer lace design is used all over the bra. Even though it does not have padding, it still supports and lifts the breast. This provides the comfort you need to walk through your day with confidence and strength.

This is due to a hidden sling feature and the underwired cup that enhances the lift and support features. It gives you all you need while still leaving you feeling sexy and comfortable in your skin. The straps are adjustable, and it has a back closure. It is hand washable. This is pure comfort for your gals. Get this for them, and you can feel them bouncing in joy.


  • Comfortable piece of lingerie with super-adjustable straps
  • Smooth and comfy on the skin
  • Lightweight and very durable


  • May be too tight for big-chested women

4. Luxe Lingerie Floral Embroidered Peek-A-Boo Bra

Incredible! That is one fantastic thing about this bra. It is absolutely beautiful. This underwired and embellished comfort piece is designed with 1/4 padding to give you a proper lift and comfort.

 It has a plunge neckline the straps are adjustable and wide enough not to dig into your skin. The cup is a little shaped by the site to pack in extra flesh and give you a well-rounded and curvy appearance.

It is so tempting that you always want to be in it. It is embellished with crystals and has a floral embroidery. Can you think of any other beauty that is comfortable and your skin would love? The bra is not the regular Victorian secret collection. It is made for comfort, style and durability. You can wear it for hours without having that urge to pull it out.


  • Made from an excellent combination of materials


  • Best only for big-chested women

5. Luxe Lingerie Floral Embroidered Plunge Bra

This bra is designed to give a little lift to your breasts to provide you with a poised look. With a transparent frontage, the plunge bra has a seductive aura that may be replicate even while inside soft fabric cloth. 

The plunge bra is made from imported nylon and spandex, with a plunging neckline. It also has adjustable straps with a back hook-and-eye closure for ease of comfort. 

The floral embroidery is tempting. You’d want to admire it every time. It isn’t just any bra, and it is a work of art made for beautiful some who long for all-day comfort and confidence.


  • The plunge neckline takes it away from your chest, so you can actually wear a low neckline dress, and it will still be up to the task.
  • It is ideal for women with small-size and firm breasts as it is designed to hold the breasts up without the help of a pad. If you are looking for a nice yet sleek bra to wear your favorite top, then the plunge bra is what you need


  • May be too tight for women with more massive breasts 

6. Dream Angels Plunge Push up Bra

If you have ever desired a push-up bra that complements the tenderness of your breasts, then it will be worthwhile to add the plunge push-up bra in your list next time you go shopping. 

With a perfect attachment of an underwire, push-up padding, and a plunging neckline, the plunge push-up bra is designed to give a satisfactory lift to your breasts that make you look sexy than ever before.


  • Made from the finest designer’s lace, this sultry-sweet and push-up bra has adjustable glossy straps and a back hook-and-eye closure for ease of comfort. 
  • It also has a seductive cup-like shape and a small ribbon at the front. The cup lining is decorated from 100% polyester while the body and wings are from perfect mixtures of polyamide, metallic fibre, and elastane which make the silhouette sublime. 
  • With this allover lace push-up padding, the dream angels plunge push-up bra is designed to give an exquisite feel to beyond your wildest dreams. 


  • The wings may get uncomfortable if worn for a long time

7. Luxe Lingerie Chantilly Lace Plunge Bra

The name already sounds enchanting. The scalloped lace design bra will pamper and tease your skin. It is not just about what you wear, but how beautiful it makes you feel. This is one bra that will make you feel heavenly.

It is lightly lined with an underwire for extra support and comfort. It safely keeps the “gals” good company while you walk through your day with confidence. The straps are adjustable, and it has a double row of hook and eye back closures.

The straps are also thin for a smart and sexy feel. It does not dig into the skin. It also does not give you a muffin top appearance. It is hand washable and made of imported nylon.


  • Luxury piece of lingerie
  • Very soft and comfortable on the skin


  • May not be durable when compared to other bras in the list

8. Body by Victoria Perfect Shape Bra

This is perfect, just like the name implies. It is made with you in mind to offer you a sexy lift, a confident outing and everything amazing.

The underwire bra comes with extra padding, so it lifts shapes and enhances the look and feel. The material pampers the skin.


  • The cups are underwire to provide shape and firm support and comfort.
  • The U-shaped back design increases the comfort index. It smoothens the skin at the back without squeezing it or digging in. The sides are double lined and ribbed for a smooth finishing.
  • It comes with a row of about 2 or 3 closures and comes in a couple of sizes.
  • The straps are built to smoother and not dig into the skin. And it can be turned into a cross back and still be secure. 
  • Your gals will undoubtedly love it; it is smooth, soft and has a great feel.


  • The straps will wear off with time

9. Luxe Lingerie Mesh Plunge Bra

This sheer beauty comes without padding and is unlined. The mesh cup properly lifts your boobs and provides adequate support. This is because of the underwire which shapes the curves of the boobs.

It merely is hot and comfortable. It is designed with a plunging neckline that comfortably hides away from your clothes. You do not want to wear a bra that keeps pulling up to your neck or over your boobs.

You also wouldn’t like the one that will cause your breasts to spill over because it was too low. This bra, even without underwire covers and supports well. The straps are adjustable and comfortable. It has two rows of hook and eye back closures.

It is made with nylon and spandex for extra stretch and comfort. It is machine washable.


  • Made from a comfortable combination of nylon and spandex
  • Helps enhance your shape and make you look your best


  • May be too big for small-chested women

10. Luxe Lingerie Dragon Lace Plunge Bra

You’d be spitting fire with this dragon lace plunge bra. It is simply hot designed with satin and nude tulle, and this lace plunge bra comes with an intricate lace back design.

 The dragon design actually looks like a tattoo. So who says you can’t wear a symbol anytime you want and pull it off. 

The cups are wireless and unlined, but it lifts comfortably. It also features a plunging neckline to give you that sultry and sexy look. It has a cross back and small straps, yet it is still comfortable. 

The back design takes away pressure from the shoulders. It does not have closure so you can pull it on and wear. It is hand washable and made with imported nylon, polyester and spandex.


  • You can easily wash with your hands and dry over the lines
  • Does not pressure your shoulders


  • Maybe too revealing

11. Luxe Lingerie Zebra Lace Demi Bra

This bra ticks the box for extra stretchiness, satisfactory lift and a whole new hot experience. The material is a textured zebra print design that looks absolutely zebra.

The bra feels small and comfy; it almost looks feels like you’re wearing nothing even though you know you are. The straps are adjustable, and it has a double row back closure.

The sheer and unlined cups are underwire for appropriate lift and comfort. It has a plunging neckline that finishes up the sexy look. It is machine washable and made of imported nylon and spandex. So it stretches to accommodate any extra flesh and boosts your confidence.


  • The bra separates, curves, rounds and lifts the boobs without making it look pressed or flattened.
  • The bra is also great under a shirt. You don’t have to worry about your shirt been slightly opened as the bra properly packs and minimizes the appearance of the boobs.


  • The bra may be too tight for big-chested women

12. Dream Angels Demi Bra

Confidence is spelt as dream Angels Demi bra. This sensational piece was made to satisfy your craving for comfort, comfort sexiness and absolute beauty.

It is lightly lined and underwired for safety and comfort. The lace design is beautiful and intricate. The straps are adjustable, and it has a back closure.

The DREAM ANGELS Demi Bra conforms to your curves. So you can never have any flesh out of place. It covers and lifts to your satisfaction, and it appropriately rounds your boobs. 

It has a back hook and eye closure and adjustable straps. Design materials are imported and are of the best quality to give you a beautiful bra experience. It is hand washable.


  • The bra is durable and comfortable
  • Enhances your shape
  • Beautiful lace design


  • The lace may wear off after a while
  • The straps will push into your skin when you wear for a very long time

Buying Guide

I once had a bra that will dig into my skin when I wore it, and it will cause Marks and red, painful welts to appear on my skin. It was very discomforting as I loved the bra, but it made me very uncomfortable.

 It was a size smaller than my normal body, so even if I put it at the last row of hooks, it still would be excruciating.

 So what was the problem if you would ask me. That was because I didn’t know my correct bra size. Knowing your size is the first step to enjoying a perfect underwear experience. A wrong bra can cause pressure to build upon your shoulders and your back too. 

And in the long run can lead to other serious complications which may cost you a lot to handle so before you shop for bras, don’t do it on intuition make sure you know your perfect bra size.

Another factor you should consider is the material used in making it, you’d want to be sure that you are not reacting to any of those. And not just that, choose the one that is most comfortable for you. Don’t buy it because it is beautiful or not, but buy what will be useful to you.

You don’t want to put your boobs through a lot. The consequences may not be lovely in the long run. Stick to what works for you and what will stick with you.

One more thing, follow care instruction to the letter. We want your bra to serve you well for a long time. So we advise you always to check guidelines before buying. If it is convenient, then get it, if not please get the one you can deal with. Some bras have specific instructions of either hand washing or machine washing. Before you buy, get one that will be easy and convenient for you to take care of.

Also, check the nature of the material to know if it is breathable or not. It is best to buy bras made of breathable materials and are sweat-wicking. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I Always Hand wash My Bra?

It is advised that you do that. Hand washing protects your bra from expanding and falling out of shape real quick. 

Anyway, if you can’t hand wash at the time, you can use your machine, but please use the lingerie mesh bag to wash it. That was you can protect it from the effect of other fabrics.

Also, if the instruction says “machine wash”, follow it and work with it. The goal is to see your bras serve you well.

Are Dryers Ok For My Bra?

No, they are not. You would love to spend happy moments with your bra, we know. So please stay off dryers.

The heat can cause elastic parts of the bra to melt and expand, and it later cools and shrinks back.

Over time, this will shift your bra out of shape and may not give you the desired shaping you need.

How Often Should I Wash My Bra?

Here’s the thing; it depends on you and your body. If you sweat a lot, you can wash it after every wear. If you don’t, after 3 wears is OK. 

It is the closest to your skin. You wouldn’t want them struggling with lousy hygiene. They protect our precious boobs, so let’s protect them too.

Are All Bras The Same?

No, they are not. There are bras with different purposes and for unusual designs. You have push-ups, unlined and lined bras. There are sports bras too.

Every woman should have each of these in her lingerie box, for everyday and special occasions.

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