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What’s really the fuss about Lululemon pants? What makes them different from regular pants?

I get this question all the time. But the surprising thing is that people are still buying them in tons.

Lululemon is a fantastic brand, and they are not in anyone’s league. You’re probably reading this because you’ve been caught in the frenzy too.

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I made up my mind to buy some the very first day I saw a friend slaying hot in hers.

One of the key selling points of Lululemon is quality.

But what is quality if there is no comfort? Don’t you think we all deserve finding comfort in whatever we pay for? 

These 12 pants have been carefully selected not just for the appeal. The women themselves have testified to its feel on the body, ability to withstand extra stretch during yoga poses, and sweat-wicking.

The style is so kind. And the cotton feel is a utility. Your yoga practice just got better!

Review of the 12 Best Lululemon Pants for Women

1. Lululemon’ Wunder High-Rise Underpants for Yoga

It is an endless wonder with Wunder High-Rise Under Pants for Yoga.

But like us, you might begin to wonder what the hype is all about on Wunder High-Rise Under Pants.

First, it is our Editor’s choice due to its 45% Luon polyester, 42% nylon, and 13% Lycra Elastane. These make it suitable for all seasons.

You can buy the attraction you need through these underpants. It is classic for any occasion. It is designed to take you through every yoga moment with ease.

Do you know that Luon fabric can draw off sweat? If you are usually irritated by sweats during yoga practices, nothing to worry about again. These pants got you enhanced for your yoga practice.

You can enjoy your yoga without being uptight. Even your body does not have to lose its hold during the training. Don’t you love the coverage that boosts your courage?

Not only that, the utility outlasts the price. Over time, you can even wear these underpants for other exercises like jogging, biking, and aerial arts.

With this kind of fabric, you can go to any length. Just so you are aware, there is no limit. Even your boots just got a great company. Your pants can be tucked in comfortably. 

Compare with the material of other underpants out there, you will find a unique differentiation about Wunder High-Rise Pants. Well, you don’t want to miss out on this amazing discovery. Are you ready for more?

Wrapping it up this yoga wonder features a high waist, large-soft waistband, and stretch without limit. It’s warmer on the skin and an excellent pair for tops.We recommend these simple steps for you to get the best out of it. Don’t wash with another cotton, avoid dryer sheet, and use gentle mode for machine wash.


  • Alignment and flexibility during poses
  • Autographed waistband pocket for keeping keys
  • Wicks sweat
  • Elastic closure


  • ONLY for high waists lovers

2. The Lululemon Align Pant Full-Length Yoga 

The Lululemon Align Pant Full-Length Yoga Pants is an outstanding piece of art designed to keep you comfortable. The pair of exquisite pants were made to boost your confidence as you wear it. 

The pants come with an inseam that is longer than the regular full- length pants. 

The material is soft, so it does not rub against your skin. And it is also sweat-wicking which leaves you fresh and clean. It wouldn’t look like you broke a sweat.

The four-way stretch offers you the highest confidence to be at your best during your yoga sessions. You do not have to worry about a tear.

The high waist sits nicely on your body and covers your middles. You don’t have to fret about your undies peeking out. Now you know why it is one of the best Yoga pants for women.

It also does not cut into your body to give you a muffin look. It relaxes well under your top.

Guess what? It has a waistband. So, your keys and valuables are safe. Just put it in there and ‘Yoga’ away.

It is made with 81% nylon and 19% lycra elastane. That is some delightful stretchy goodness.

Taking care of it is simple. Just wash either with machine or hand wash with cold water. Lay flat to dry.


  • Has a waistband
  • Stretchy
  • Sweat-wicking


  • Seams can get loose.

3. Lululemon Wunder Under Crop High Rise Yoga Pants

If you prefer crops to full length, you may find these lovely pairs attractive.

 The four-way stretch of the Lululemon Wunder under crop high-rise yoga pants makes it possible for you to be comfortable while doing your yoga exercises.

It is convenient, and it is undoubtedly made to help you to be at your best. 

It has sweat-wicking abilities which keep you dry even if you had a vigorous workout. 

The high waistband tucks in your stomach without cutting into the middle. So, you don’t get to have a muffin top.

It is made with lycra elastane material which helps the stretching ability to be at optimum.

It also has a waistband so you can put away your valuables while you’re having a good time doing your exercises.

Just like previous products on the list, the same wash, and dry methods applies to the Lululemon Wunder Under Crop High Rise Yoga Pants.


  • Sweat-wicking properties
  • Four-way stretch
  • Elastic and stretchy


  • Only for crop lovers

4. Lululemon Free to Flow Tight 7/8 Yoga Pants

Freedom! That is what this pair of black pants scream. Absolute freedom.

The Lululemon free to flow tight 7/8 yoga pants expand your capacity to be who you want to be.

And you can be everything while wearing one of these best yoga pants for women.

It is made to fit your skin without rubbing against it. You are sure your skin is not going to be dry when you pull it off.

The material is made with elastane, so it stretches all the way.

The high waist design sits on your waist without digging into your skin. 

 Lululemon Free to Flow Tight 7/8 Yoga Pants relaxes very well under your top and keeps your undies safe from peeking out.


  • High waist
  • Sweat-wicking functions
  • Designed for all-season and time


  • Designed specifically for yoga

5. Lululemon On the Fly Pant Black BLK

Are you ready for some adventure? 

Then I think you will love this beautiful pair of adventurous pants. It has a 4-way stretch which allows for flexibility and comfort.

It also has a drawstring that helps keep it fitted to your body. And it fits your body without being too tight.

Lululemon On the Fly Pant Black BLK allows you the freedom you need for a perfect adventure. 

It is made with a soft material that is very cool to touch-friendly on your skin.

It has sweat-wicking and unbreathable features. So even if you sweat all day while doing your exercises, you won’t get clammy.

Lululemon on the Fly Pant Black BLK comes with an outer pocket and an inner pocket, which is called the media pocket. So, you can put all your devices, and they are safe.

So, are you ready for some adventure? You have one of the best yoga pants for women to be your companion.

It is suitable for traveling and outdoor events. That’s why it is Lululemon On the Fly Pant Black BLK. Once you are on it, you can fly without wings.

You can also wear it indoors, and it will give you the best comfort.


  • Has a drawstring
  • Functional pockets
  • Sweat-wicking and breathable material


  • The drawstring has a metal stop.

6. Lululemon Wunder Under Yoga Pants Super High Rise 

The Lululemon Wunder Under Yoga Pants also makes the list. It is regarded as one of the best yoga pants for women. 

We feel that when you are using this product, you will be bolder because it gives you the extra boost of coverage you need when you’re stretching beyond your limits.

Beginning from headstands to high kick, the Lululemon Wunder Under Yoga Pants have got your back.  

These pants are gotten from cottony-soft and supportive full-on Luon fabric and are usually free when we use it for our yoga practice.

Why women love these yoga pants is that the luxtreme fabric is sweat-wicking, that is, it is just like a second skin. 

In addition, they love it because the LYCRA fiber moves with you, which often results in smooth movements.

The Lululemon Wunder Under Yoga Pants also comes with a tight fit, which is excellent when you are checking yourself in the mirror. Also, the wide and soft waistband is created to remove the muffin top.

These Yoga pants have a waistband pocket where you can place your keys or any other small item. We found that this yoga pant is 18 percent Lycra Elastane and full-on Luon 82 percent Nylon.  

Some of us that are bigger in sizes, the compression quality of the fabric and flexibility of lycra will enable you to be free too. You will also feel supported without the heavyweight of loose skin. 


  • It is 100 percent Squat proof
  • It is 100 percent Sweatproof
  • It is stretchable 
  • It hugs your curves in all the right places


  • It may emit an odd smell at first.

7. Lululemon High Times Pant Full-on Luon 7/8 Yoga Pants 

Without any doubt, Lululemon designed these Yoga Pants to help us move from Hatha to happy hour. As we bend, twist, and sip, the pants keep us covered because of its high-rise fit.

The pants also possess sweat-wicking, which provides enough support and coverage. Also, the LYCRA fiber bends with you and remains in good shape.

Why we love these yoga pants is because of the smooth and wide waistband that lies flat against your skin. The 7/8 length of the yoga pant is bike-friendly, and it is never close to you. 

You can put your keys and probably your gym pass in your waistband pocket.

Women who are using this yoga pant have recommended that the stylish leggings it possesses. Allows you to move freely no matter the stuff you do. They also have a high rise to cover your belly and support it when you are training.

We discovered that these yoga pants are the best Lululemon leggings for regular joggers who want a pair of leggings for day to day running’s and other cardio workouts.


  • Designed for an array of activities
  • Comfortable and sweat wick


  • Lighter color may seem transparent

8. Lululemon Wunder Under Crop High Rise Yoga Pants 

This type of Lululemon yoga pants are known to be versatile and high-rise crops which were designed to fit like a second skin.  

We found out that it was made from Full-on Luxtreme, that is, a sweat-wicking, lightweight, and a piece of four-way stretch fabric that is just like a second skin.

We love the Lululemon Wunder Under Crop because the smooth fabric it possesses offers support and technical performance when we are heavily sweating.

It also has an interlock construction that offers extraordinary support and coverage.

Virtually all Lululemon yoga pants have LYCRA fiber, the Under Crop High Rise Yoga Pants is not excluded. The LYCRA fiber helps with your movement and enables you to stay in shape.

The Under-Crop Yoga Pants also lies flat against your skin, so you can effortlessly place your keys or items in the waistband pockets.

These yoga pants are Full-on Luxtreme 69 percent Nylon and 31 percent Lycra Elastane. You can get this 


  • Since we already know that the leggings include 31 percent Elastane, they will certainly fit in well to your body
  • It is just like a second skin and
  • They are perfect for active workouts because of the breathable and sweat-wicking properties.


  • Only one available color.

9. Lululemon All the Right Places Crop Yoga Pants 

Unlike other Lululemon yoga pants, these high rises and all sports crops make use of zoned compression to enable you to have full support in all the right places.

Similar to some other Lululemon yoga pants, they are also of Full-On Leterme fabric which is sweat-wicking. It releases excess moisture from the surface of your skin to the surface of the pants.

Since it’s also a four-way stretch, you are guaranteed of maximum elasticity. We discovered that these particular Lululemon yoga pants are not engineered to shrink.

The interlock construction of this yoga pant offers more than enough support and coverage with a cool and smooth feel. Another feature of this product is that it possesses LYCRA fiber for stretch and shape retention.

Women do love yoga pant with waistband pocket, and this particular yoga pant does have one. The waistband pocket can help keep smaller items like your keys, and any other essentials in the side pocket.

Some other attributes of these yoga pants include a high rise and hugged sensation. The reflective details at the hem aid keep you on the radar.


  • Four-way stretch fabric
  • Waistband pockets


  • Elastic waistband might seem too tight for some persons.

10. Lululemon Train Times Crop Yoga Pants 

The main reason we love the Lululemon Train Times Crop pants is because of the comfort we get during hotter temperatures. 

Unlike some other Yoga pants that are incredibly breathable. They lacked compression and at times, feel like they are sliding down their hips during classes.

In particular, the Lululemon Train 7 by 8 used mesh fabric venting in strategic spots to allow for more breathability. These features make this yoga product an excellent pick.

Some other features of these pants that may interest us is; it is designed not to shrink at any point. It has a back pocket which many other yoga pants do not, and it is a high rise and hugged sensation.

It is important that we note that the Lululemon Train Yoga pants are made from an engineered fabric Lululemon called ‘Full-On Luxtreme.’ It is gotten from 69 percent Nylon and 31 percent Lycra elastane.

The combination of these two make the leggings tight and compressive but also breathable; most notably with the mesh panels placed on the two legs. It may also interest you to know that this yoga pant has a variety of colors to select from.


  • Sweat-wicking
  • Vented mesh panels 
  • Silky soft fabric
  • Very comfortable


  • The vented mesh panels

11. Lululemon Mix and Mesh Crop

I like the sound of the name. Lulu lemon presents us yet again with another one of its spectacular fashion pants.

Are you bothered about your hourglass shape or belly fat? Welcome on board! We’ve got just the right pants for you.

Its high-rise crops are specially designed to curb your belly fat (if any) and give you the most elegant shape that will have your admirers checking in.

Lulu lemon mix and mesh crop is here to make your dreams come true. With its built-in mesh fabric ventilation to keep you cool during your practice, you get the feeling of heaven on earth.

I know how disgusting the awful stench of dried sweat can be. But you don’t have to worry about that anymore, Lulu lemon mix and mesh crop are here to save the day.

It is specifically designed with a four-way stretch fabric to give you all the freedom and allowance that you need. You can twist, stretch, turn, jump, and circle all you want. Lulu lemon mix and mesh crop are sure to make you proud.

It has a pretty elastic waistband that ensures the pants stick to your body properly. It’s just spectacular.

If you’re always moving around with valuables, like phones and keys, then you’ll find these pants to be very resourceful. It’s specially designed with a discreet pocket on the waist to keep all your valuables secure as you go about your yoga business.


  • High rise crops
  • Built-in mesh fabric ventilation
  • Designed in a four-way stretch
  • A customized fit
  • Safe pocket


12. Lululemon Wunder Under Full-On-Luon Pants

These pants made me realize that the Lululemon brand is never going to lose touch of style. For real, they are up to date with trending stuff that will leave us slaying all year long. With these pants, yoga practice is about to become more fun. 

The Lululemon Wunder Under Full-On-Luon Pants is worth all the hype. It’s a great pair of pants that can fit you perfectly like a second skin. It’s undoubtedly one of the best Lululemon pants for your yoga practices or your regular visit to the gym.

You no longer need to bother about the uncomfortable feeling that you often get when wearing some kinds of pants. Lululemon makes all the difference.

Made out of a cottony soft and supportive full on luon fabric, you’ll be delighted to discover that these perfected fitting yoga pants are not tight in any uncomfortable way. That’s why I like to call it “beauty with ease.”

Being a second-skin, it fit simplifies the process of checking your alignment mid-pose, and tucks in easily into your boots. You can wear it however you want. Aren’t you just excited?

With your keys, cards, gym pass, etc., strategically dropped in the signature waistband pocket, you’re ready to be the gorgeous lady everyone will be dying to say “hi” to.

I just love Lululemon women pants. Don’t you?


  • Perfect second-skin fit
  • Soft cotton
  • Supportive full on luon fabric 
  • No-fuss tight fit.
  • Wide and soft waistband 
  • No muffin tops.


  • Wash gently

Lululemon Yoga Pants for Women Buyer’s Guide

Now that we are done with the reviews, I will give you overall benefits of Lululemon yoga pants as well as a guide on what to look out for before you make your purchase online or at local stores. 

Let’s get to business!

What is Lululemon yoga pants?

You probably walked into a store work out section and seen a pair of Lululemon pants hanging down the rack. That’s because they are on the rave right now with their color options, styles, and fabrics.

Lululemon pants are an array of high-quality pants designed by Lululemon. They are often called Lululemon Yoga Pants because lots of ladies find them great for yoga and many sporting exercises.

No matter your needs, whether you are a leggings lover, yoga enthusiast, or a marathoner. 

Lululemon pants are tailored to your demands with such features as moisture-wicking, skin softness, breathability, high rise waistbands, and functional pockets to stash your personal belongings on the go.

Now, you have a good excuse to take your yoga mat and get your gear on. With Lululemon yoga pants for women, you sure have a good motivation to work on your flexibility and core.

What are the benefits of using Lululemon Yoga Pants? 

They are as healthy as your skin

Psychologically, what you wear affects your well-being and so are Lululemon yoga pants compared to your regular pants. 

The breathability features of these Lululemon yoga pants for women gives you the privilege to engage in severe stretches, squats, runs, and lunges without any sense of discomfort.

They make exercises more fun

You might be that regular lazy fit girl, but with these Lululemon yoga pants, you wouldn’t mind extra hours on the treadmill.

The right yoga pants give you that motivation you need to run a few blocks and do more squats. When yoga says go low, Lululemon yoga pants asks how low.

You can stretch anywhere and any time

Most Lululemon yoga pants are 2-way or 4-way stretchable. It allows you to have better yoga experience, pulling back and forth. These trusty pants cradle your butt in place

It’s the perfect pair for any occasion

Yoga pants help you go from the treadmill to the mall and back home stretching out on the sofa.

These Lululemon pants come handy with your free silk gowns. A crop top or long dress shirt works just fine with them over a pair of heels or flats, and you are ready to go grab a drink. 

What Should I Consider Before Buying Yoga Pants?

1. Fabric Type

No matter your reason for purchase, the main thing to consider before swiping your card is to check the material composition of your Lululemon pants.

 If you have sensitive skin, then you have to take this more seriously than the average buyer to avoid the discomfort of any sort. Lululemon yoga pants are all made of cotton, synthetics, and cotton-synthetic blends. 

2. Comfort and ease of movement

I don’t know about you, but I could never trade my comfort for anything in the world. Yoga pants are not meant to stop you halfway into your squats for adjustments of waistbands and pull-ups, that’s just unacceptable.

Your regular sweatpants and jeans are comfy around the house but are generally unacceptable in the yoga session.

They could be too loose and dense, and maybe even too hot for some yoga styles. Yoga pants are meant to be lightweight, streamlined and must not get in the way of your routines 

3. Design

Nowadays, the trend in yoga pants features as key pockets, zippers, clasps, etc. The Lululemon yoga pants come in varieties of ankle long and Capri. The high-rise waistband helps with tummy control and compression 

Sleek designs might be the inspiration your body needs to feel good and energized. Tailored yoga pants make you appreciate your hard work.

4. Performance features 

Depending on the type of yoga you practice, you should be on the look for stretchy, moisture-wicking fabrics, and breathability.

The breathability of this Lululemon material ensures you are comfortable in summer, warm in winter and autumn, all day at the studio or out with friends. The moisture wick effect expels heat from your body and gives your body room to dry fast

The cotton-spandex pair of Lululemon yoga pants have a lovely soft feel, but at the same time hold shape and lets you stretch and squat without fear of ripping your pants. 

Stretch fabrics are the preference of many women. They love its style and how well it streamlines their silhouette. 

 5. Durability

No pair of pants can last forever, but the right investment in durable materials can ease you the stress of making purchases every week.

Nylon, for instance, is a sought-after fabric choice for yoga pants due to its synthetic nature unlike cotton blend fabrics which may start to peel off and pull away after a while and laundry

Some features such as gussets can prolong the life of tight-fitting yoga pants. A gusset is a small piece of fabric sewn into the crotch area. It helps to distribute the pressure around the crotch seams evenly and makes your pants feel snug.


Is the Lululemon yoga pant washable?

Yes. All Lululemon yoga pants are washable. Some are also machine washable.

Are they more like a work out legging or everyday dress-up legging?

They are comfortable and look great for the gym and yoga. Regardless of them being yoga pants, they can pair nicely with any top and a cute pair of boots.

What kind of fabric are the Lululemon yoga pants made of?

All yoga pants are not of the same clothing material. You need to read the specifications of the individual yoga pants.

What if the percentage of elastic material? Or the percentage of compression?

The fabric determines the elasticity, but as long as they are polyester, then you are safe. They are not too tight as well.

Do these leggings have to be continuously pulled up?

Definitely, you won’t have to go through that hassle over and over. These Lululemon pants sit pretty dang on your waist.

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