I’m not a bowler but I do have a bag.

This is going to be another short post:  I have a major headache. Okay, not major but it’s one of those annoying ones that is kind-of there and kind-of not but you know isn’t going away until you sleep for a week. It’s the worst thing in the world besides not knowing what you want to eat. THAT is the worst.

Debut of my birthday bowler bag. It’s full of snacks…and I don’t even have a kid yet.

For a short post I talk about food a lot.
Wearing my husband’s H&M sweater ($20), DownEast Basics tee (gift from my mother-in-law), JCPenney necklace (free with gift card), secondhand Gap jeans ($9), secondhand wedges ($8), and JCPenney bag (free with gift card).

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