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Thursday, September 05, 2013
Tee: Target - $6 | Necklaces: c/o Max & Chloe, Forever 21 - $3 | Pants: via sample sale - $1 (similar) | Sandals: Walmart - $10 (similar) | Total = $20

This past weekend my parents came to visit. Those who know me and/or follow me on Twitter know that it is the MOST stressful thing for me. It's been better since we've had Grey so their attention is placed elsewhere...i.e., away from me and onto Grey who soaks up all the attention like a ShamWow. 

The best part of their stay was a half an hour before I was supposed to go pick them up when Grey had the BIGGEST blow out of the all over his car seat, his legs, and his arms and hands. I think I puked in my mouth a little...or a lot. I had also reserved that half an hour to do a last minute cleaning for my neurotic and germophobe mother. Instead, I spent TWO hours bathing Grey and cleaning, dissassembling, washing, drying, and REassembling the car seat. I thought I was going to die of a stress attack that day...and I would've welcomed it. I did not sign up for this...!!!!!

Anyone have any good news today? Just writing this out again is making me anxious and giving me hot flashes..

(And, yes, I totally copied the fabulous Sydney's outfit.)

P.S.. If you missed it, there's a giveaway going on right now for a colorful short-sleeve maxi dress HERE!



  1. Loving those pants! I've been meaning to get a pair with a cut like that!


  2. Oh yes the joys of motherhood. Sucks that you had such a stressful day. Love your comfy outfit.

  3. you're too funny.i totally agree, and that will be me when my dad comes in oct.

  4. First of all - love the outfit! And secondly, you're making me very very scared of all the baby poop I'm going to have to clean :-p

  5. Ooh baby blow outs are the worst lol

    xo Jennifer

  6. Loving these pants to death!


  7. I wish I could find some pants like this! I always love your outfits with them, they look so comfy but still chic and not too harem-y. I hope minus that catastrophe you enjoyed the weekend! The instavideo with your parents and Grey totally made me lol.

    perfectly priya

  8. Super comfy pants.