Iffy by Melissa

Tuesday, September 03, 2013
Button-up: Madewell (similar) | T-shirt: Shade Clothing | Skirt: Madewell (similar) | Shoes: J.Crew (very similar!)

To be honest, I am not quite sure what I was thinking here. Was it "How many patterns can I fit in ONE outfit?" or "I am going to pick blindly from the closet and just put it on." Maybe it was "I am going to be wearing camo for the next month - get in all other patterns while you still can." Whatever it was, I still thought it was pretty fantastic till about half way through the day. Then it was more like, "What am I wearing?!?" Anyone else feel iffy about their outfit choices as the day ends?



  1. You totally rocked the mixed patterns Melissa, this is fun and chic!

    Cee. ♥
    Code Overdressed

  2. Loving how you mixed patterns here! This is such a great layered fall look!


  3. I really like the stripes together, I'm def. too timid to go as bold with the other patterns though. I have had days where I thought I was looking gooood and then caught sight of myself in a mirror or window and though "Oh my gosh!?!? Is that what I really look like?!?!?!"

  4. Loving the mixed prints and textures in this fall look!


  5. I love that you still posted it, even if you didn't love it all day. :)

  6. it totally happens all the time! you just have to act confident and no one will ever know your doubts :)
    you're cute enough to pull it off!


  7. hahaha I completely relate- sometimes something I don't like will grow on me throughout the day, but the opposite also happens--I look in the mirror before I put my pjs on and say "Whaaat?" I think you followed lesson one of pattern mixing though- keep your colors neutral if your patterns are mixing. Although I think this is the opposite of this- your patterns are matching so your colors are mixing. Omg, I don't think I'm making any sense. I would wear this, I like it. I think I would probably pick black flats or something plain because I don't think I could dare to wear those shoes with it!

    perfectly priya

  8. To be honest, I really like this outfit of Melissa's. Recently I've felt like she's been pretty plain in her outfits, and I wasn't sure why, maybe that's her style or something but frankly it's a little underwhelming. This outfit is a little spicer, although the posing is still rather awkward. Hope to see more of this.

  9. you might feel iffy but its a totally inspiring outfit!