How to Wear: Maxi Dress (Maternity Style)

Thursday, September 12, 2013
This month for my "How To Wear" series I thought I'd go back in time to my pregnancy days!!!! Seems like yesterday I was puking and couldn't breathe and waddling. The good ol' days.... Not. (Okay, kinda.) But, anyway!!! One of my favorite ways to dress the bump was The Maxi Dress. It was EASY and COMFORTABLE and hid my bloated calves and cankles. It was like a long fabric miracle.

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One of the easiest ways I was able to style a maxi with a bowling ball underneath was as simple as a blazer or cardigan thrown on last minute. And maybe some accessories if I was feeling adventurous / remembered. With this you'll have to check the length of your blazer/cardigan that it doesn't hit at your hips to make you look wider. Although this worked for me on the left because my maxi dress was "fitted" and the blazer has a bit of an hourglass shape to it already. On the right, I wore a loose, drapey cardigan (that went past my tush) over a loose maxi dress because I was 37 weeks and I DIDN'T CARE DANGIT. So you don't have to do loose + loose if you don't want to.. But by that time you may or may not (MAYMAYMAY) be in the same boat as I was..

Here's another one but with a SCARF! I don't know where this creative inspiration comes from.

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These two outfits are my favorites with this black maxi. A light jacket/blazer with a statement neck piece is easy and catchy and simple. I crossed my fur scarf on the left and pinned it and I remember feeling like the smartest person in the world for that one second. I'll have to remember to do that once it gets cold. I need a pen!!

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I remember this!!! This was from Thanksgiving last year. I remember because I only packed like five items and this was not one of my planned outfits. I had to modify it Duh. AND IT WORKED! But you want to know why this sweater-maxi outfit worked? The sweater isn't overpowering. Pick a "cropped" (it's in quotes because I know the sweater here isn't necessarily cropped..) or a shorter length to show off that bump. Add a fur scarf just for fun. :) Or a scarf. Or statement necklace.

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Besides a sweater, you can wear a fitted top! (Added bonus if it's striped or has a print.) It gives the illusion of a top + maxi skirt combo when you're really wearing a maxi dress!!! It'll be our little secret..

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I honestly think I look frumpy here but it was sooo comfortable and sometimes you need that when you're carrying another life. I wore a long, oversized sweater and the only comfortable shoes that fit. Then I threw on more layers to camouflage the frump.'s your call. (I'm sure it'd look a lot cuter on you.)

What are your tips on wearing and styling maxi dresses when pregnant?

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  1. You looked so beautiful! I wish I would have dressed this well when I was pregnant. If I wasn't at work, I was always in sweatpants. It kind of became my uniform because I was only seven weeks pregnant when all my pants got tight. *sigh*

    - April

  2. You looked so cute! Definitely taking notes for the future! Maxi dresses! Check!


  3. Ugh. I definitely need to stock up on maxi dresses and skirts right about now. Nothing else sounds comfortable.

  4. Maxi dresses are so easy and comfy to wear! They are one of my favourite from the current trends! Really like how you've paired up the black maxi with the red cardi and the fur collar! Where's the cardi from?

    1. thanks! you can find the outfit details in the original post that is linked below the pics!

  5. As soon as I submitted that comment I realised I could do that! Hahaha! BTW, can I just tell you that I got hooked on to reading fashion blogs because of your blog (the first I chanced upon)! The sheer simplicity combined with your sense of humour makes it for a fun read. And now I've started my own blog! :D

  6. so adorable!