Eco (and vegan) friendly Shoes

Thursday, September 19, 2013
I've been really interested in green and eco-friendly practices lately and have been reading blogs and articles all about it. One of the things I was fascinated by was eco-friendly style. Ana of The Summer Of June did a guest post last year about eco-friendly fabrics and that was the extent of that discussion on this blog. I always thought buying secondhand or thrifting was eco-friendly enough. Which it is. But we can always do more. Like buying eco-friendly shoes for example.
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I came across this shoe company called Unstitched Utilities. Their shoes are made from recyclable and repurposed materials that are vegan and eco-friendly. The material they use is called Tyvek. According to their site, it "is a flashspun high-density polyethylene fiber that is water resistant, highly breathable, extremely durable and very lightweight. Tyvek is both vegan and eco-friendly as it is recyclable, adding a sustainability factor."

I've never considered the environment in my shoe purchases, but I definitely will now. I picked a few that I liked above. Can you tell I really love their slip-ons?? It reminds me of the shoes Joanna from CUP OF JO and Liz from Say Yes to Hoboken have been posting on their blogs...but eco-friendlier!

Also, I saw on their site that they offer free shipping in the U.S., so that's pretty cool.

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  1. Loving these shoes, I'm going to have to check them out!