What to wear in hot weather as a sister missionary

Thursday, August 22, 2013
I got an email from a soon-to-be Mormon sister missionary who is going to Texas - read: hot and humid, and even more so when you have to dress modestly and be outside most of the time. I wrote a post about how to dress for that kind of weather a couple of years ago...and I still stand behind everything I said! To reiterate...
  • Keep your hair away from your face and neck.
    • Shower (at least) 5 times a day. (IT'S A JOKE! Kind of.)
    • Sunglasses and sunscreen are muy importante.
    • Wear breathable fabric like cotton. NO polyester or synthetic fabrics that may stick to your skin when you sweat.
    • Avoid layers, especially those layering tees!! Simple is best! Think basic essentials:  top, bottoms, shoes, and jewelry. You'll be so hot you won't care about looking good. So make sure your BASICS look good!
    • Breathable shoes...but, please... NO flip-flops.
    • Try to avoid dark colors because all that stuff you learned in science class in elementary school is f'real.

    The Mormon church recently updated their missionary guidelines for dress and personal grooming that you can see here. I loved that they gave you examples, but it seems to be only for cool weather. I mean, why are they all wearing jackets?!? They'd roast here in Sacramento. (We've been seeing high 90s here the past couple of weeks. So I pretty much hate life.) I'd advise sister missionaries in hot climates to NOT wear jackets if you don't want to be hospitalized. Just thinking about it is giving me hot flashes.. Instead of wearing a jacket/blazer, focus on clothing with details that will make it more professional for you.

    When it's too hot to think about looking presentable, the easiest solution would be a DRESS. You can get creative with your accessories and hair to change it up each time. Here are some missionary-worthy dress outfits (well, to me, at least.. I may be wrong.. I've never served a mission. I was a child-bride.):

    For the outfit details going L to R.. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

    And here are some modest dresses I found for you. All under $25!! OH YEAH

    I mentioned this in my old post, and I'll say it again... FULL SKIRTS! ..like the ones that fall away from your body. No clinging of any kind here because once you add sweat into the mix...it ain't pretty.

    What am I wearing? L-R: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8

    And a few of my picks.. again all under $25!!

    I also picked out some COTTON and RAYON TOPS that I thought were cute for a sister missionary:

    OKAY, where are all my RM sisters at?!? Can you weigh in with your words of wisdom? (hehe)



    1. thank you so much for posting this!! and thank you for posting clothes for under 25$!!!

    2. long-ish linen or cotton dress..... long sleeved blouse to throw over your shoulders to cover up from the sun, even though it will be hot- check LL Bean for an example of a long washable linen dress... sun hat or visor too.

    3. Ok, I'm not an RM but I live in the horrible weather your sister will serve in and I lived most of my life in a country where I'd walk EVERYWHERE, even in church attire so I know--comfortable is best. Your list was spot on. Now onto your sister: I AM SO SORRY SHE WILL SERVE IN THIS KIND OF WEATHER. Also, I honestly don't know how women can wear their hair down in this heat and humidity. High buns and I are tight like this (picture me crossing my fingers emphatically).

      Maybe we'll bump into each other and I'll ask her how awesome it is to be your sister? J/K.

      Ana Paula
      {Visit me at Mommyhood, PhD}

    4. Elaine, I think maxi dresses in breathable fabric like cotton would be a good option as well?!

    5. More help please :( it can't be anything that doesn't cover the knees while sitting or standing and we can't wear "just tees" as our tops. Or maxi dresses. See the dilemma?

      1. some of the tops aren't "just tees" but dressier. as for skirts, you may have better luck at the thrift store if you're looking for something cheaper and longer (think midi).

    6. I served in Southern California, and not the part where it's blissfully 75 degrees year-round, rather, I was in the part where most of August is closer to 110. Hot and horrible. I basically lived in a-line or gathered skirts and light-colored, button-up, collared, tops. When I left I brought a variety of clothes, cute and fancy etc..., but I basically just settled into a pattern of wearing what wasn't fussy and what would keep me the coolest.

      Nowadays I still live in a hot climate and am required to wear professional-looking skirts or dresses to work every day. I own a lot of dresses that I bought from a website- eshakti.com -that allows custom sizing and details on dresses (example, I have a solid version of this dress that I wear constantly during the summer, http://www.eshakti.com/Product/CL0028419/Dotted-retro-poplin-shirtdress). The vast majority of the dresses are also lightweight natural fabrics or blends, which are certainly nice for warm weather. So that might be a good source.