Five Real Photography Tips by Emily

Friday, August 09, 2013

A while back, I created a similar post on my own blog with these tips I love and wanted to share them a little more in depth with readers of Clothed Much! Despite photography classes, manuals and yes, Pinterest articles, there have been some things that I just had to learn by making the mistakes. So, rather than turning to other sources for advice, I started keeping my OWN record of real photography tips - tried, tested, and true....

1. Savor the first 15 minutes. 
Everyone looks, feels, and acts their best at the start. Make the most of it!

How did I learn this? After 15 minutes in the wind = no more nice hair. 15 minutes with a baby sitting in their bare diaper in front of stranger with a camera =  tears. Or try 15 minutes asking a grown man to "smile!" = hatred.

<<< RIP curls.
2. Relish your dynamite shot. 
Perfect light/location/angle? USE IT.

My mistake: Finding that perfect, amazing spot.. snapping a few shots.. and moving on. No! Because even your best shot will never be printed and framed if the one pose you put the bride gives her a double chin. That's just the honest truth.

<<< Same spot, at least 3-4 different poses. They've gotta love at least one, right!? Right.
3.  Give yourself extra time.
Because lets be honest, clients run late.

I like shooting with lots of light still left in the sky, so watching that sun sink into the horizon gives me MAJOR stress when things are running late. I've learned through much trial and error to tell clients our meeting time to be about 45 minutes earlier than the time that I ideally want to be shooting.

<<< Self explanatory.
4. Posing is just... bending and touching.  
That's all it is, people.

I STILL struggle with posing, but I've learned that people look the most natural with bendable limbs bent and switching up a pose can be as easy as changing where they place their hands. SO SIMPLE!

<<< Left shot has a lot of vertical and straight limbs going on. A simple bent elbow, touching her shoulder is a endearing look that adds visual interest to the picture.

5. Keep a notebook.  Write down the mistakes YOU have learned and it will really help you improve. I write down ideas for creative shoots, series projects, places I want to photograph. Just last week I walked around a beautiful landscape with my camera - got NO worthwhile shots - but when I went home I had three new things to write down in my little leather notebook. 

All these tips right here came from my notebook that I've jotted down along the way. The pointers and tips you come up with for yourself, based on your own past work and experiences is incredibly valuable - I encourage everyone (and this does not just mean photography!) to try the same!

What photography tips do YOU have to share with others?



  1. I agree with your first point!

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. These tips couldn't have come at a better time! I'm shooting my first maternity shoot tomorrow!
    Thanks and wish me luck!

  3. Your blog is Amazing :OO

  4. I had to do a double take because that first picture is of my sister and her husband! I was in California to see them a couple weeks ago and bummed that I didn't get to meet Emily and Jason #2, ha ha. You take wonderful pictures and these are great tips. Thanks!

    1. That is too funny!! We were busy the weekend you came and sadly didn't meet you!