Can you guess whose tablet this really is??

Tuesday, August 06, 2013
Staples sent me the Samsung Galaxy Note 8" tablet. And you bet I was allllllll over that. Chase bought a tablet a couple years ago but ended up selling it last year. I never used it much - just to read the Hunger Games like five times. But lately I've been seeing how babies have been interacting with technology these days like it's another appendage. That could be a good or bad thing, but mamas.. let's face it... It's usually a good thing to get more than a minute to yourself, amirite? So I kindasorta regretted getting rid of ours too soon..

And then this happened.

He tooooootally loves it...especially the piano app. I mean, he is my son after all. He can play that for a whole five minutes until he clicks on an ad and almost buys a car.

But I'd say this is probably my favorite.. The pre-naptime movie. Netflix FTW! Soooo much better than hearing him crying it out for an hour. Although, he will cry to let me know the tablet fell over. And I'm like HELLO YOU HAVE HANDS.

Baby + electronics = messy and messier electronics. So I was so glad when Staples also sent me a Nordstrom gift card to spend on a tablet case! I was going to get a HOT! PINK! one, but I did my boys a favor and settled for this grey and hot! pink! Marc Jacobs one instead. SeewhatIdidthere? :)

Someone's chubby little digits.. Mine. They're my chubby little digits.
Outfit details here!

Thank you Staples!!



  1. The tablet (with its cover) looks like a clutch in the last photo!
    And your baby is SO cute!



    1. yes!!! that's why i got it :D

    2. Hahaha!
      Elaine, half the reason I read your blog (apart from your clothing style) is because I love your sense of humour! Cracks me up! :D

  2. Love that tablet case!
    Your baby is totes adorbs! I can see that he will grow up to be a handsome boy!

  3. Adorable baby, I've been seeing your instagram photos and your baby is just so cute!!!


  4. Gosh, he totally looks like he's posing for the camera...every picture is cuter than the last! I love him.


  5. OH. MY. GOSH. Your baby is such a cutesy ball!

    Ana Paula
    {Visit me at Mommyhood, PhD}

  6. this was a great post! i'm glad to know your baby enjoys that samsung tablet. he looks terribly cute watching the movie on his craddle... how old is he? that tablet bag is great.

    1. thank you!! he is 6 months and one week!

  7. Hahah totally understand the baby plus electronics, I have a 4 year old and a 6 months old. The 4 year old hogs all the electronics the 6 months old is not that interested to fight over it just yet lol
    Love the case could totally get mistaken for a clutch.

  8. Hey Elaine, your little guy is adorable. I love those chunky breastfed baby rolls. My little one's slowly turned from chunks to muscle after turning one. At two and a half she still has one tiny roll on those adorable thighs. :)
    I thought you might be interested in this article:
    I know there are tons of theories and articles out there and I'm SURE you've read many. I used to be pro Cry It Out (CIO) and after doing more research... literally just weeks before having my child, I changed my mind. I actually changed my entire approach to how I thought I would parent. Now I'm all breastfeed until they self wean, co-sleep until they want their own bed, baby wearing is awesome and everything else that comes with attachment parenting. ha! Total 180, I kid you not. :)
    And yes, iPads/tables are awesome. When he is older, check out the drawing fun!