Are you a ring person?

Tuesday, August 20, 2013
I'm not. Like I wear my wedding rings less than 50% of the time and even then I usually just wear my band. My jewelry habits have been kindasortadefinitelyyes minimal/non-existent as of late. BUT I did buy a simple gold band on Etsy last year, which is a huuuuge deal for me because I've only owned like three rings in my whole life...including my wedding rings. So, yeah. (It also doesn't help that I have man hands. Thanks, genes!)

Annnyway, this whole thing got me thinking.. What could I wear with rings? I went through some recent outfits and paired affordable rings (because I'm cheapcheapcheap) that I wouldn't mind wearing together.

Outfit details here, yo.

I'm not usually one for cute or overly girly things like hearts, but I couldn't resist this heart pinky ring because it's so delicate and small, just like me. (Kidding. Kind of.) I thought it'd go well with a "playful" outfit, but let's take it down a notch to Grown Up Land with some simple yet elegant bands.

See the outfit deets here.

I absolutely love this ring! It reminds me of the YSL rings that seemed to have a couple years ago, but cleaner and not a hat for your knuckle. It seemed fitting to pair a classy ring with a classy outfit worn by a classy my dreams.

What am I wearing?

Last, but not least...a casual outfit!! I feel like with most casual outfits you can get away with stacking as many rings as your little fingers can 6. I LOVE this geo ring set. The diamond one reminds me of one of the rings I chose in my Minimalist Wedding Rings post that I never got. It's $21 cheaper so... no excuses? And then on my other hand of other fingers, I'd adorn my man fingers with the rhinestoned ring set. I mean, four for the price of one? I'LL TAKE IT.

So what about you? Are you a ring person?

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  1. Love the rings, and I think I like rings but honestly I'm a one ring kinda of person, growing up I wore my CTR ring then in high school I wore a really cool coconut ring that was ivory in color until it broke, then my wedding set and after that I have collected a few rings but no luck I wear them for a day and then remain in my jewelry box turning all kinds of different colors, lol.

  2. I'm definitely a ring-wearer. I love cocktail rings and it's getting a little ridiculous how huge I'm willing to go.

    But it's fun!

  3. Elaine, you silly girl! I don't just have "man's hands" I have "butcher's hands" which are even worse--short, stubby fingers, big palm. Yeah, by now you probably get the picture.

    That being said, I'm not a ring person either but I should to try to make my fingers more feminine. I do wear my wedding rings and they are the most beautiful thing in my hands. :)

    Ana Paula
    {Visit me at Mommyhood, PhD}

  4. love how rings are so small and delicate but they can add so much to an outfit. Lovely post.


  5. I rarely wear my wedding rings. My husband isn't a huge fan, but I really hate wearing rings! Everyone knows I am taken anyway!

  6. I agree with you. I am not much of a ring person either. I wear only my wedding ring, simple silver band my husband gave me on my anniversary and mother's ring we had designed with my kids' birthstones. Nothing over-the-top or flashy. I always want to be 'that person' with the fun rings, but I'm not. I love the options you've presented here though!!!
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