A Greybaby in the pool

Tuesday, August 27, 2013
So continuing from my last outfit post from our weekend at my in-laws'....

..and we had to document every second of it, obvs. I couldn't handle him in his swim trunks and sunglasses!!!

"Get off my raft, woman."

Verdict? He looooooved it. Once he got used to the water, he wouldn't stop kicking. My little froggy. He especially loved his little tube. And my best mom moment? I was holding him in his tube and I must have had my hands too close to the middle and his whole face went under. :X :X :X He definitely drank some water and cried and cried and I just wanted to die right there. I feel horrible just thinking about it again.

But this shows that he forgave me, right? <3

Necklacec/o Max & Chloe | Sweater: Gap via thredUP (similar) | Tank (underneath): J.Crew c/o thredUP (similar) | Jeans: Gap via thredUP (similar) | Shoes: Target - gift (similar) | Total = $0!!!!

Now on to the outfit... This whole dealio is basically from thredUP and if you haven't checked it out yet, WHY. Gogogo. You still have a few days left to use my 35% off coupon code and free shipping!!! (..compared to getting free shipping when you spend $50.) Just enter CM35 at check out.

Our neighborhood has tons of stray cats. I sometimes put out food for them, but I think the coons have been eating it all.. Jerks.

That weekend was Second Saturday in Sacramento, which is a combination of an art walk/live music/markets/lots and lots of people, which my nervous/anxious self LOVES. There was this one band we saw play called YACHT. Have anybody heard of 'em? I haven't, but the few songs they played I instantly liked. 

That picture on the right there? The guy was holding a sign that said "all you are right now in this moment is enough" and it just got me right in the feels that I had to share..

Welp, seeya.



  1. Well of course you had to document every moment!!

    LOVE love love those little sunglasses! What a beautiful family :) HEART

  2. My goodness your son is adoorrabblleee. We took our seven month old swimming at his grandma's pool this past weekend. His grandma teaches swimming lessons and she kept telling me "Oh they know what to do, if you dropped him in he would paddle automatically" and they kept trying to get me to do it. I'm like ARE YOU INSANE??? I kept a tight grip. Like I would risk harming my son, ever.

    You are a beautiful mommy :)

  3. He's on that floatie LIKE A BOSS!

    Y'know, my friend has always dunked her babies once (on purpose) on every swim outing. She does it for a nanosecond and I've seen how it helps them develop a good relationship with water before they even learn to swim. So in my book, you did Grey a favor!

    But yeah, I still feel ya. It's scary when you have a little slip up and you're sure you've scarred them for life.

  4. Elaine, how cute is Grey!!!
    And I love the simplicity of your outfit.

  5. baby cleavage! i know i say this all the time (or maybe i only think it) but i adore grey's chubbiness. he's so cute!

  6. Holy cow baby Grey in the pool is about the cutest thing! Such a little man in his swim trunks and sunnies

  7. I do believe Grey has already mastered his camera poses....
    how adorable!
    A Modest Fashion Blog:

  8. That's the cutest child ever and the nicest boyfriend jeans ever =)