5 Ways You Can Wear Your Chambray Shirt by Corinne

Monday, July 22, 2013
One of the most-worn and most-loved items in my closet is my chambray shirt. It's both light and practical and can be worn a countless number of ways. It's also a piece that works for all different ages, body types, and budgets. Though despite it's versatility, I frequently get asked, "How do I wear my chambray shirt?!" So for all of you girlies out there that are asking yourselves that same question, I thought I would share with you 5 easy ways you can incorporate this basic into your wardrobe!

1. Pair chambray with colored jeans or shorts.

This look would be super cute paired with some sandals or wedges and a classic panama hat. Chambray also looks great with white or black pants!

2. Wear chambray as an unbuttoned layer. 

Chambray can be left completely unbuttoned and used as a layering piece. You can simply throw chambray over a simple v-neck or your favorite tee. I also like to wear mine under a jacket as a "peak-a-boo" effect. (Shown above!)

3. Pair chambray with classic blue jeans or shorts. 

It is 100% ok (and stylish!) to wear denim-on-denim. Don't feel like the two materials have to match perfectly or at all. I like accessorizing this look with a military jacket, chunky gold necklaces, and of course, my favorite nude heels.

4. Pair chambray with your favorite skirt.

This one is pretty broad, but chambray really does work with every skirt out there. I love pairing mine with my colored pencil skirts, as well as my A-line printed and floral skirts. Chambray is the perfect way to "summerize" skirts and can be worn with sandals or wedges of your choice.

5. Wear chambray as buttoned-up layering shirt.

This is one of my favorite ways to wear chambray because it can be a great layering tool for those of us who like to stay a little more covered. You can wear chambray under a sequin tank, a sleeveless dress, or simply pair it up with your favorite cardigan and statement necklace like I did here!

Lastly, each time you wear chambray you can choose to either keep the sleeves down or rolled up to the elbow. You also have the option to wear it buttoned to the very top or to leave a few buttons undone. There really are no rules with this... You can wear it with pretty much anything! I hope that was helpful to you ladies and that you get lots of use out of your cute chambray shirts!

What are some of your favorite ways to wear a chambray shirt?

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  1. Hi! I love this post :) I recently did a similar one - check out how I love to rock my chambray shirt: http://www.raylene.co.za/index.php/blog-posts/style-diary/item/how-i-rock-my-denim-shirt <3

  2. This is AWESOME! As a matter of fact I looked chambray ideas on Pinterest last week because I have one (super light blue with a detail of lace on the shoulders), and other than wearing it with my colored jeans, I have a hard time matching it with anything else.

    So... yes, this entry is exactly what my little heart was asking for.


    Ana Paula

  3. Wearing it like numer 2 right now! I love her necklace though!

  4. Brainstorming ideas for how to wear the same items in multiple outfits is a BIG money saver!!!! Love that you came up with this - it's super helpful for a budget babe :) ! www.StingyStyle.net

  5. chambray seriously is the best. i have to stop myself from wearing mine everyday.
    i also did a similar post, like 4 ways to wear a chambray, but yours is better.
    and chambray, so versatile, i love it.


  6. love it! I really need to invest in a chambray shirt myself. :) x

  7. I could not possible live without my chambray shirt, it goes with everything! You've given great options here, I adored it against the super bright yellow cardi and statement necklace, looks so fab!

    Cee. ♥
    Code Overdressed

  8. Wow, I cannot tell you how much I NEED that olive green coat!!