What I'd rather be wearing: July 4th

Wednesday, June 26, 2013
Being a WAHM doesn't give me a lot of opportunities to get dressed because yoga pants are kinda the best. The outfits you DO see here on the blog are from mere 2-hour getaways out of the house. And how glorious are those two full hours!!...until I run back inside our air-conditioned apartment with a sweaty face and raccoon eyes. Is summer over yet?

In case you're a hermit like me and didn't know, July 4th is coming up and with that are the usual BBQs and having to see non-baby-sized people, and hopefully not in yoga pants because all your other clothes have spit-up and old milk stains. What I'd rather wear is a white linen dress (I KNOW - WHITE??? Let me dream a little.) and patriotic jewelry because Simple-n-Easy is my middle name. (It's not. I actually don't have one.)

  1. Lord & Taylor linen dress (without the belt)
  2. gemstone beaded necklace
  3. ASOS necklace
  4. Nine West sandals

What I'll probably wear? Jeans and a t-shirt. And there ain't nothin' wrong with that. What do you plan on wearing?

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  1. Love the outfit combo! While I would also love to wear something like this... I will probably also be wearing jeans and a tee. The possibility of BBQ stains on a lovely white dress like that is what makes me think the t-shirt is a better idea!
    Janelle In Real Life

  2. Such a cute outfit. A girl can dream about wearing white, right? ;)

    Honestly, I am not ready for the 4th of July yet. It's not sunny where I live and my husband and I are going on a vacation but we don't know where. Ha! I guess that means impromptu road trip and camping? :)

  3. Probably cobalt blue old navy Rockstar pants, a white tshirt and my red jellies lol

  4. Love those necklaces for 2&3!