How To Make a Safety Pin Watch by Kristina

Thursday, June 06, 2013

You can find these supplies at most craft stores, but for this project I wanted a watch face that would hide the attached elastic beneath the watch. I ordered this simple square one at Goody Beads online.

Because the elastic will stretch out once you put in on your arm, the length of the watch should be 1.5 times as long as the other watch. This will prevent the elastic cord from showing beneath the bead work. 


  1. I bought one of these once! I love it. Super comfortable, and cute. So excited to try and make them!

  2. That's so cute! I'll have to keep an eye out for a watch face...actually, I should start looking at thrift

  3. That is pretty cute!

    xo Jennifer

  4. This is awesome! I need to do this!


  5. i love it! im going to make somethinh like this.