Faith and Fashion

Monday, June 03, 2013

A few months ago in London, there was a panel for Faith & Fashion that talked about the relationship between religion and fashion and how they have intertwined for women of different faiths as well as those secular.

I met with Professor Reina Lewis a couple of years ago to talk about this project. I thought it was so interesting as I (as well as many of you) fit into this study. If any of you are interested in listening to the podcast, you can find it and more information here.

Now let me turn the question over to you... How does your faith fit into your fashion?


  1. I absolutely love this topic! I'm so happy that you are blogging about it/working about it. I am a liberal Jew, but I try to fit Jewish modesty laws (tzinuis) into how I decide what to wear. I always wear sleeves, although I will wear lower-cut shirts. However, as my faith changes and I get more comfortable with my body, I'm considering starting to occasionally wear tank tops. I look forward to keep reading about this on your blog! <3

  2. Hello
    Well I've never really cared about fashion but got affected anyway when I was young.
    As I reverted to Islam I found the liberty to abandon tight clothes and ignore all norms of how I "should" dress in this country.
    I found that by slowly dressing more modestly I found more freedom to be myself.
    I went through quite a bit of trouble while changing my way of dressing but I feel way more myself and way more confident :D
    I feel like a cute princess in skirts and gowns. It's actually quite nice to have long sleeves even in the summer. My favorites are ali baba pants thought because I love to run around and play.
    My newest application is hijab (a veil) and I really feel thankful to be able to get over my fears of being frozen out and taking the step I whole-heatedly wanted.
    Alhamdulillah (thanks be to Allah), even old people that isn't so used to it has given me complements for it and other workmates. :P
    So my faith has really helped me to get my eyes up for fashion :)

  3. this is pretty interesting - when I first saw the title of this post, I was like what? faith and fashion, what? just shows why it's an important thing to blog about; there's so many people like me out there who are completely naive/ignorant to what sorts of freedoms/restrictions come up from fashion throughout different faiths.
    Thanks for making me do a double take this AM!!

  4. My fashion is conformed to my faith. Before I went to college I was a faithful Catholic, but not an informed Catholic. As I have spent more time learning about my faith in college I have grown in my faith. This has changed how I dress and how I feel in certain types of clothing. I used to be fine in bikinis and short shorts, but now that I have learned about modesty through the eyes of my faith I realize that I don't need to wear skimpy bathing suits to attract a guys attention. I feel uncomfortable in bathing suits that show my stomach, not because I am self conscious about how I look, but because I want to respect my body and respect the men around me by being modest and not leading them to potentially immodest thoughts. It is as much about respecting myself as it is about respecting them. I dress modestly for myself, for the men around me, and in respect for God whose image I am made in. I think this is a wonderful thing to think about.

  5. I grew up with an orthodox jewish understanding of modesty- long pants or skirts past the knee, no sleeveless or low necklines. at this point I wear shorts and tank tops, but I'm interested in the part of the modesty (which also overlaps with fashion) that avoids displays of conspicuous consumption.