A quick weekend trip to Philly

Sunday, June 09, 2013
Shirt: Forever 21 - $4 | Necklace: c/o Max & Chloe << current fave necklace!! just switched to a longer chain | Leggings: secondhand Express - $7 | Sneakers: Forever 21 - $10 (similar)

Last weekend, Grey and I took a little weekend trip to Philly to surprise my mom. (Chase couldn't miss work. Boo.) He was quickly outgrowing his carseat-stroller and I knew it would be easier (HAHAHA) to do it now than later. But, OHBOY, was I in for a treat.. Mucho thanks to Liv for all her tips and giving me an inkling of confidence that maybe I'd live through it after all. I survived...barely.

Grey invented leggings in every sense of the word. These tights are now packed away for whoknowswhen.

When Chase dropped us off at the airport, I ran into his grandma and dad at our gate!! I forgot she was flying to SLC for a wedding since I bought our ticket at the last procrastinating minute. We stealthily stole a seat right next to her hoping and praying the person it was assigned to would miss their flight. (WHAT.) And they did. (Don't worry - I pay for it later..)

In an SLC airport bathroom after the disaster relief

Grey did surprisingly well for the first trip if surprisingly well meant fussin and one exploding diaper that went through his bodysuit but not on me because that's all that matters.

Our second leg was even better because....THE SEAT NEXT TO US WAS OPEN!!!! It was supposed to be a full flight!!!! I couldn't believe my luck. I'd like to thank the gentleman in our row who didn't mind my son's flailing arms as he napped.

Shameless bathroom selfie in Philly. Even Grey is embarrassed for me.

We got in around midnight EST (9PM PST). This is usually when Grey screams bloody murder for a half hour and then gives up and falls asleep for the night. Aaaaand cue right when my aunt and uncle, who beeteedubs have never met my baby, pick us up. My son knows how to make a great first impression!! (Also, he didn't give up. He must've known I was on high-stress alert.) My aunt and uncle called my mom to tell her they were coming by...and that's it. My mom was freaking out - she thought my dad was in an accident because worst case scenario. Once she found out it was her selfless daughter and her chubby grandson, her freak status went through the roof. My family NEVER does anything spontaneous like this. I may have given myself a pat on the back or two..

Since Grey is their first grandchild, they have ZERO baby anything. I had to go out the next day and buy all the basics at Target...

Necklace: c/o Max & Chloe | Shirt: Gap - $10 | Skirt: thrifted - $6 | Heels: Target - gift (similar)

...and maybe I did some shopping for myself. Whatever.

No crib/playpen meant no place to sleep for my babe. But it didn't matter because my mom insisted Grey sleep with her and promptly kicked my dad out. Sleeping by myself in my old room felt a bit...nostalgic...in a "Did I really get married and have a baby or am I dreaming and still in high school?" way.

While we were there, my mom taught me the art of the podaegi - the traditional Korean baby carrier. I tried before and failed miserably. Turns out the kid LOVES it. He falls asleep in it like *snap* that.

For having grown up in [the suburbs of] Philly most of my life, I've NEVER had a Pat's or Geno's famous cheesesteak. I had my mother mark this special moment that had been hyped up too much. Save your $9. Trust me.. What you should spend your monies on is all the Rita's water ice in the world!!! Specifically the mango gelati. TRUST ME.

My parents were head-over-heels for Grey. He could've asked them for a house and they'd give it to him. (Next on his Christmas list?) I love seeing my controlling traditional Asian parents dote on my boy. It puts their focus off me and for once I had a pleasant trip. Babies are handy, man..

Before all hell broke loose.

Oh, and the return trip? H-E-double hockeysticks!!!!* He scried (scream-cried) for a half-an-hour straight. YES, we were THOSE people that everyone hates on the plane. And there were two stocky (but very nice) gentlemen on both sides of us because middle seat FTW. So breastfeeding was not awkward at all.... Props to the mom on the plane who whipped her boob out like it was no thang. Oh, and he pooped on me...!

*I accept the nomination for Biggest Drama Queen in Blogland.

Lesson learned:  Never flying with a baby by myself again. Or I'll at least bring an extra t-shirt for myself and NOT wear white. Stoopid.


  1. I rarely comment on blogs but Wow! kudos for the brave trip BY YOURSELF!!!
    I cannot believe how great you look so soon after having baby Grey! You both are so cute on the last picture! And I love what you were wearing in the Target dressing room :)

  2. awww looks like it was a great trip!!

    Sandy a la Mode

  3. I was in Philly last weekend as well and I went to Pats and Genos. It would have been fun to run into you!

  4. HAHAHAHAHA I was laughing so hard at this post just because I've been there (stress-level-eleventy-billion). I'm really glad you didn't die, even if there was a poopslosion and some major screaming. If you connected in SLC then people just have to learn to expect a screaming kid (or 100).

    And it's really cute how your mom moved your dad right on out of bed. It's so nice when the grandparents can take over for a little bit.

  5. 1) that trips sounds amazing/awful at the same time, big props to you for traveling with a newborn, i would probably lose it. and 2) when you're back in philly, the only cheesesteak you should be eating is steve's [prince of steaks] - it'll change. your. life. [and possibly your waist size, but whatever ;)]


  6. you are one goodlooking family!

  7. props to you alright! I never went on any trips with my babies!

  8. i'm terrified to travel with my son without LOTS of hands to back me up! you done good mama

  9. Best. Post. Ever. Made my day!

  10. here is why it could have been worse: 1. you could have had a toddler too! 2. you could have had your period (I know, gross but you already shared the poopy diaper stuff, so...) 3. you could have gotten to the airport even later and 4. they could have cancelled your flights back 2 or 3 times for weather delays... so, all in all a great trip! Hope your parents appreciate you.

    1. Just reading this stressed me out!

  11. I feel for you. I really REALLY do. Having babies is hard. Freaking. Work. Anyone who says its all sunshine and daisies deserves a punch in the face. And the responsibility of taking care of your baby for 24 hours. That said, they also make the world go round. How the heck do they do that, the little stinkers?

  12. First, your baby Grey is ADORABLE. Second, I love your blog and read it daily, and third...a small request. Any chance you could write a how-to-travel-on-a-plane-with-a-baby post?! I'm taking my first flight with my son who is now three months the end of August and then another in September. I'm sort of freaking out so any tips (what to bring, leave at home, etc.) would be greatly appreciated. Pretty please?!?!?


    1. definitely!! will work on that for next week :)