Thrifting Virtue #1 by Rebecca

Monday, May 06, 2013
thrifted blazer (similar) | Macy's top | AG jeans | New Balance sneakers (similar) | RayBan sunglasses

A year and a half ago I decided I needed a blue blazer. But one can't be too picky when one relies heavily on thrift shops. After a month of searching, I found one. It wasn't perfect, and it needed altering, but it would do. A year later, the altering had still not occurred  because it really wasn't worth the time. And so, it got thrown into a pile of donations to head right back where it started. But then I happened upon this beaut and paid full price because I worried that if I came back on a discount day it would be gone. And by golly I do believe it was worth the many pennies that were spent.

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  1. Those trainers are a GENIUS addition to this look!

  2. Love the anchor details on that blazer! So cute!

  3. That blazer is gorgeous on you! I love that you paired it with sneakers, wouldn't have even thought of that. Great outfit!

    Mostly Lisa

  4. The sneakers and blazer combo! Love it!

  5. Cute thrift find!

    xo Jennifer

  6. Loving those shoes! They go perfectly with the outfit!


  7. WORTH THE BUY. This blazer is way cute! fooo realz.

    sometimes you have to invest in a good piece for the warddrobe. my mother, who is usually very thrifty (aka she shops at thrift stores more than me) has always said that sometimes you just have to invest in quality pieces of clothing.

  8. you're so beautiful! I love your Ray-Ban Aviator, I just bought a pair from Sunglass Hut. They are super cute and trendy.