Nursery Wrinkles by Rebecca

Monday, May 13, 2013
thrifted Guess jacket (similar) | Ann Taylor top | Love, Audrey skirt | Bare Traps shoes | Sugar Pie Girl headband - c/o

See all those lovely wrinkles in that skirt of mine? Those are brought to you by two hours of sitting on the floor/little chairs in nursery. Seeing as we'll only be in this ward a few months while our house is being built, my husband and I were called to serve in the nursery at our church. Nursery can get a bad wrap sometimes but I've already decided that it's one of the best callings ever. Crying kid... go find their dad. Stinky kid... go find their mom. Happy kid... let's sit here and play and color and sing songs! Bored with those blocks? Here play with my headband! Problem solved.

I've decided I need to get back to wearing headbands more often. I have quite the collection that has its own collection.. of dust. I gave up on them for two reasons. First, all of the ones I had made me look young. That wasn't helping my cause starting out in the professional world. And two, they gave me headaches! Luckily, neither of those things apply to this headband from Sugar Pie Girl. It is so comfortable and the feather style doesn't feel childish. Though they also have some adorable styles for young girls. They're such a great price, I want to get one of each for my nieces! In the meantime, I'm thinking this feather headband would be perfect to wear the opening night of Great Gatsby. If only I had that old flapper dress I used to dress up in as a kid..

Sugar Pie Girl sent Rebecca the Florence headband for this review and outfit post. Visit them to see their other headbands and flower pins.


  1. Super cute boots!

    xo Jennifer

  2. Nursey is a fun calling. Aside from sitting on the floor.
    Method Clothe

  3. Oh I don't mind the little wrinkles when the whole look is fab, those boots are awsome!

    Cee. ♥
    Code Overdressed

  4. Love this look!


  5. Is the skirt lined or did you wear a slip underneath?