Modest Dresses under $20

Wednesday, May 22, 2013
  1. Target orange long sleeve shirt dress - $10 sold out!
  2. jpenney striped sheath dress - $14 sold out :(
  3. Walmart maxi dress - $15
  4. J.Jill linen tie-front dress - $20 sold out!
  5. Target maxi dress - $20
  6. Lands' End French terry dress - $19

I was organizing my closet the other day and I realized I don't have any dresses. Not just nursing-friendly dresses, but dresses period. (Also, nursing-friendly dresses..) I found a few online that I loved and wouldn't mind having. And guess what? They're all $20 or under! A cheapskate's dream. So, click away, lovelies! Just know that some of them have limited sizes like Dress #2 sadly. I really like that one.. Which one is your fave??


  1. 4,5 and 6 would fit my shape and style... going to look into them now. :-)

  2. I think I'm going to have to go to target and snag that maxi dress!


  3. I have number 3 and I love it! Comfy and cute!

  4. I'm new to this blog, so looking at dresses 2, and 3, I'm wondering what your definition of modest is?

    1. Hi Rebecca, I recently wrote a post about my thoughts on modesty here.

  5. 5 & 6 are my favorites! I have been looking for some modest, breastfeeding friendly dresses myself, thanks! :)

  6. The dresses on this page are not modest... Dress number 1, 2, & 4 would be modest if they were longer- Dress number 3 would be modest with a blouse under it- Number 5 is long but too low cut and the sleeves are too short. and the last one is two short and and needs the top buttoned. Sorry... but it is true... fashionable? yes... maybe. Modest? No