I'm a liar of a fashion blogger..

Friday, May 31, 2013
Top: c/o Choies | Nursing cami: Target - $26 (similar) | Pants: Forever 21 - $14 (similar) | Sandals: Target - gift (similar) | Total = $40

Confession: I actually wore this outfit twice... Once on a walk with the fam to lull Grey to sleep, and the other time on Memorial Day when we went to visit Chase's grandma. The walking-version is definitely more accurate with the sandals...which I properly changed into after taking these pics 'cause I felt a little too wobbly for my fashion blogging comfort.

I've been doing P90X with Chase (not my idea..) so everything's been feeling wobbly and jiggly. I better be ripped after this or I just wasted an hour a day exercising!! I could've been eating ice cream and watching Netflix! But, really, has anyone else tried it? We're thinking of doing Insanity next if I'm not dead by then..


  1. Oooooh girl. Good luck! I did Insanity last year before my wedding. It works but it will kicka the bootie. At least it did mine! Love this look!

  2. Have not tried P90X but I love insanity. I feel insane for doing it and you are drenched but its a great workout!

  3. Just finishing up P90X- this is my last week. I definitely feel a lot stronger and more fit. I actually have a tricep muscle!! If I can do it, you can do it!

  4. Ah, so that's how you're getting the weight off so fast! I admire you for doing P90X! I've looked into it-but honestly I just don't have the time to do an hour workout everyday. So, great job! As for Insanity, I've tried it...wow...I did half of one workout and couldn't walk for a week! Seriously, I'm not in bad shape (I do Kettlebell Kickboxing Scorcher series 5 times a week-it's a HIIT workout where I get my heart rate up to 200 if I'm working hard) but my calf muscles were so sore afterward I was reduced to doing a weeny beginner's workout for that week. I'd like to try it again at some point, but honestly the idea of doing so right now makes me WANT to die! LOL!
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  5. OH, forgot to mention (in case you want to look into the Kettlebell Kickboxing) the workout burns 10+ calories a minute! So an hour workout burns 1,000+ calories! I did one last night for 45 minutes and burned 615 calories!!

  6. Insanity made me straight CRY, ugh. I'm sure it would get into amazing shape if the workout itself wasn't so terrifying!

  7. Loving the vertical stripe shirt!


  8. I wear the same outfit multiple times, so I guess I'm a liar too haha Good luck with P90X. I've heard it's a killer!

    xo Jennifer


  9. Love the outfit! I really like those flat sandals. I've been doing a lot of yoga, and it also makes my body feel all strange and sore. Hooray for working out.


  10. Hey, we all sometimes wear our outfits a little differently in real life than in the blog world, I think. And good luck with the p90x! I did insanity recently and thought I was going to die, but it was worth it.

    Jillian - http://epic-thread.blogspot.com

  11. nice outfit! loving the stripes!

  12. Love this!