The Easiest (and laziest) Scarf Style

Friday, April 12, 2013
cardigan from an L.A. boutique - $14 (similar) | Gap scarf - $8 (similar) | Shade Clothing maternity t-shirt - $8 | secondhand Express leggings - $7 (similar) | two-tone oxfords c/o Wanted Shoes | Total = $37

I loved WhoWhatWear's feature on wearing scarves simply around your neck with no intricate knots or tying involved. Sometimes it's too hot to be all wrapped up in a scarf, but you still want that little bit of added flair. I think this is a great way to do that.

I wore this outfit last weekend while we were apartment hunting, which is pretty much the worst.. But we finally found one that I think will suit us nicely. So we'll be moving...again. Boo.

P.S. Leggings are the best. I don't know why I hated on them so much before but I just want to boycott zippers for a while. Or forever. Who's with me? ;)


  1. Cutie!

    xo Jennifer

  2. yeah, who needs crazy elaborate scarf tying? you look causal and cute!

  3. I think you summed up everyone's thoughts on leggings, haha! We bash them until we try them. And then? Love.

  4. You hair looks really cute in a ballerina bun like that!
    Interesting, I very rarely ever wear my scarves like that! :) I guess I have to get too complicated with my knots! LOL!
    A Modest Fashion Blog:

  5. You look so beautiful, Elaine! I usually do one of three knots when I wear my scarves, and never think about wearing it like this! Sooo casual and cute!