T-Shirt and Boyfriend Jeans from Day to Night

Monday, April 01, 2013
Last weekend, Chase and I had a date night planned and I thought it'd be fun to have a day look and night look from the same outfit. And maybe most of my clothes were in the hamper...

thrifted cardigan - $3 (similar) | gold necklace from Spain - $30 | Shade Clothing maternity t-shirt - $8 (similar) | thrifted Old Navy boyfriend jeans - $5 (similar) | Walmart sandals - $10 (similar) | Total = $56

I chose a loose, comfy outfit for running errands with my boys. Now that I'm looking at these pics, the (maternity) t-shirt and open cardi makes me look wide.. but it was so! comfortable! And Chase liked it so I thought it was passable.

thrifted blazer - $3 (similar) | chain necklace via Nordstrom Rack - $5 | Forever 21 green pendant necklace - $3 | Shade Clothing maternity t-shirt - $8 (similar) | thrifted Old Navy boyfriend jeans - $5 (similar) | Vince Camuto heels - $76 (mint in size 7) | Total = $100

For date night, we didn't do anything fancy - just went out for sushi. I donned heels and a blazer to look more grown-up! Did it work? Did I trick you guys??


  1. It did work :o)
    Looks great!

  2. Tricked! 4th trimester! HA.

  3. I love the cardi. It makes the daylook more interesting.

  4. Yep, that works. And you preserved the same feel in both looks. Well done.


  5. Super cute date night outfit!

    xo Jennifer


  6. It totally works! I like to go casual for night anyways, so this would be a perfect outfit for me!


  7. LOVE this look on you...so cute how you changed it up. And whatchoo talking about you looking wide, I don't think that at all! Super adorbs.


  8. I am reaallly loving the new backgrounds in your pictures, not that I didn't love the old spots, but these pictures are all gorgeous! I mean, the lighting, the classic looking houses in the background (not in these ones, obvi), must be that NorCal magic ;) also, yes, fabulous day-to-night outfit! I am always impressed by how nicely your thrifted stuff fits you! I think a "Thrifting: How-To" post should be in the works!

    perfectly priya

  9. You look amazing. I love these two looks.


  10. These looks are the magic combination of comfortable, simple and chic. Really cute! I think the cardi for your day look really adds a lot of interest to the outfit because the stripes echo your strappy sandals. :)

  11. It totally works! Its the perfect mix of casual and dressy, and you end up looking effortlessly stylish! The blazer and heels definitely make it work but the long necklaces also add a lot to it. And you do not look wide!

    I've been a lurker for a long time, thought I'd finally tell you how much I love your blog! :)