Shopping Your Closet by Ashley

Monday, April 08, 2013
Hi! I’m Ashley, and I blog about all the things I’m most passionate about (mainly family and fashion), over at Dancing with Ashley.

Express blazer (similar) | Old Navy top (similar) | Gap Outlet jeans (similar) | Charles David shoes

I’ve had this white blazer in my closet since I was a sophomore in high school. For the past (ahem, “several”) years, I’ve kept it tucked away because I’ve had no clue how to wear it. Well, I finally decided to bust it out and start wearing it again…and brought my trusty chambray shirt along with it to help. I love when I shop my own closet.

I really enjoy seeing people come up with new outfits from an item they haven't worn in a while. Have you found something recently that was tucked away in your closet?

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