Photo Tips for Fashion Bloggers #2 by Emily

Friday, April 19, 2013
 photo clothedmuch_zps6d534792.jpg

There's many elements of photography that make up a good picture. There's lighting and posing as well as the more technical side of it. Having the right lens makes ALL the difference in portrait photography! Read on below to hear the answer the most common photography question I get...

 photo clothedmuch2_zps2ac71c4f.jpg

What lens do you use most?

Definitely the 50 mm (which took that image on the right). Notice the different depth of field (aka "blurriness") of the two pictures. For fashion blogging shots, as well as all portraits, a "blurry" depth of field is KEY to focussing the image on the subject! It offers a little bit of zoom, too, so less of the road/branches/etc get in the shot.

If you have bought a DLSR camera will know that they are often sold in "kits" that come with the body, a lens, battery, etc etc. That left image is taken with that standard 18 - 55 mm that is usually included in that kit. The starter lens tends to be "okay" at everything, but not "great" at anything. I always recommend the 50 mm lens to others, especially because it's also super affordable.

What other photography questions do you have? Comment below!

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  1. I have the 50mm and still need some help. What settings did you use to get that photo? If I open the aperture enough to get a blurry background not all the parts of the face/body are in focus either.

  2. Aubree when I first started getting serious about understanding depth of field I down loaded (or googled) a depth of field table. This will be a spreadsheet that you can enter your camera information and lens then it will give you all the information about what "focal length" (hyper focal distance) you will have with a particular aperture setting depending on your distance from the subject. Works wonderful. Annnnnnd if you have a smart phone you can download an app for it. It will provide tons of info.

  3. I love this article! As an aspiring photographer I still get confused sometimes as to what lens works best on different occasions. Thanks for this!