MFB Crush: The Daylee Journal by Tiffany

Monday, April 22, 2013
Meet Marsa from The DayLee Journal! She is our current Mormon Fashion Blogger Crush! We love her style and cute personality. Read on to learn more about her...

How did you come to choose your blog name? Any special meaning? Hmm... I guess I should start by introducing myself just a bit. The husband is Jerry, and I'm Marsa, but together we're the "Lees." I wanted this blog to be a place for us to document our daily life happenings together as a married couple. Hence, "The DayLee Journal." It actually took me a long time to come up with with this name. Probably because I'm not very creative - haha. I wanted it to represent us, as well as the blog as much as possible. And I think I did a pretty okay job, dontcha think?

Where do you hope to see you, your family, and your blog in five years? Five years, aye? That's a long time, mate! But let's see... in five years, this girl would like to be done with college, hair school, and possibly have some minnie munchkins running around the house. AH! Babies? Scary thought. But an awesome scary thought. As for the blog, I'd really just like for it to have lots of awesome pictures and stories of my family to look back on. And let's be honest, some sponsors would be awesome too! Hahaha.

What is your spouse's style like? Jerry's style? Well, that's an easy one. Sweats, t-shirt, Nikes, and a hat. My simple man - so chill and relaxed. I love it. I never feel pressured to dress up because he likes me in my sweats too. And I sure do love my sweats. Sometimes he'll wear jeans and that's when I know we have a special date comin' up! :) Woohoo!

How would you best describe your personal style? You know, that's an interesting question. I have no idea! But I do like a variety of specific styles like boho, edgy, slouchy, girly, and anything with stripes and Aztec. This blog was never supposed to be a "fashion" blog because I never considered myself to be "fashionable." And I still don't! I just like clothes, guys. That's all.

What is one fashion tip you would like to share with Clothed Much readers? How about you give me a fashion tip. Because I could use one.. or two... or three. I will tell ya one thing though. It's something I've always stuck to and I think it's sooo important, especially to those who are still trying to find their own personal style. Never ever buy something just because it's "the trend." Trends will fade and so will your money if you're constantly trying to keep up with the trends. Just stay true to yourself and buy something because you love it and because it's "you." Not because it's "the cool thing to do." Hey, that rhymed! Two points for me.

What is your least favorite style trend of all-time? Urr... I would have to say those animal sweater thingies. I don't get that. I'll admit though, some are really cute and I've seen girls wear them really well. But for me, no way.

What was your biggest wardrobe splurge? Was it worth it? My Nike wedge sneakers! Ah, I love Nike and so does the hubs. So when Nike came out with their wedge sneakers, I really really really wanted them. But I waited a couple of months because I was unsure of spending that much on shoes. And then when I finally decided that they were worth it, my size was sold out everywhere. Boo. I was sad. But then for valentines day Jerry surprised me with them and I was a happy girl again. He's the best.

Thanks, Marsa! Don't forget to check out her blog, The DayLee Journal! You can see our past blog crushes here.


  1. wow i love all her outfits and personality!

  2. She is totally cute!

    xo Jennifer

  3. She is darling. And she looks 14.

  4. I've been reading Marsa's blog for a while. I love seeing her here too!

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