How to Dress Your Postpartum Body

Monday, April 29, 2013
I am finally out of the 4th trimester, the three months after the baby is born. I'm not gonna lie - those three months were tough emotionally, physically, and mentally. I knew my body wouldn't be the same, but it was still a reality check to be in a body that didn't feel like mine. I mean I just had a baby, why was I being so hard on myself? The human body is beautiful. The postpartum body is beautiful. And I wanted to dress to accentuate that beauty, while camouflaging the inevitable pooch.

Here are some tips I've learned while dressing my postpartum body...

The easiest way to dress your postpartum body? LEGGINGS!!!! The best part about having maternity leggings during your pregnancy is you can wear them after very comfortably. But please make sure your crotch and butt are covered and we can't see your underwear through it. That's three of my pet peeves and obviously you must appease me at all times. If you don't have any shirts that are long enough, try maternity t-shirts! I still wear mine regularly. They're roomy and a little longer than regular shirts. Check and check.

For a dressier option, peplum tops are so great at disguising the pooch! It flares at just the right spot (below your rib cage) and gives you that hour glass figure. So far I've paired it with boyfriend jeans and a fitted skirt.

Along the same lines, there are the full and A-line skirts. When they're placed at the smallest part of your body, they create a more exaggerated hour glass figure than the peplum top. If your skirt isn't full enough, you can wear another full skirt underneath! Hopefully, it's not too hot and you have a sweatfest down there because that's just gross.

Here's an outfit combination to remember:  loose top + loose pants. It sounds big and messy, but with the right accessories it can work! Think eye-catching jewelry and shoes. It also helps to wear a print on top so the eyes are distracted by its busy-ness.

Loose pants also include boyfriend jeans! My favorite!! I had to buy a bigger size to accommodate my new curvalicious body. If you're worried about not being able to wear bigger jeans when you get down to your pre-pregnancy weight, you can take the waist in or use the Instant Button.

Dresses. Other than being super easy, they can make or break you. That's why God invented the Spanx. I most definitely wore shapewear with that white dress!! Accentuate your waist with a belt. Make sure it doesn't blend into your dress so it creates that pop against the dress like I did in both of these outfits with the contrast of dark and light.

What are some of your tips on dressing a post-pregnancy body?


  1. Yes! I lived in leggings forever, after baby. I love the peplum tops, they weren't around as much after I gave birth. I'm happy you are using words like " curvalicious". There's nothing wrong with having curves:) Hang in there mama, sleep is in your near future, and you will start to feel like yourself again, I promise:)

  2. LOVE that your three pet peeves about leggings are my three pet peeves about leggings. I don't want to be seeing those things!

    Love all these tips...they actually work for curvy girls, as well as postpartum bodies, I think! Speaking of postpartum body...I do NOT see yours. You're just as teeny as ever! =) Great post!

  3. Honestly, if you hadn't wrote the whole post about it, I never would have guessed. Either you still look pretty amazing or you're just hiding it really, really well (I suspect mostly the prior and a bit of the latter). Peplum is amazing, though, I wear it when I know there are food babies in store.

  4. the biggest tip that helped me get through these past few months was: SHOWER!

    seriously though, the days that i got ready for the day (aka: out of my pajamas) were the days i felt the best. dressing your body can be hard after a baby, but not making yourself presentable for the day can make it even harder for you to have a good attitude about your current situation.

  5. I am planning to do some posts on this too! Great tips. Postpartum dressing was the worst for me. I cried in front of my closet and mirror every day.

  6. Honey, I think you are looking absolutely amazing! Keep it up!

    xo Jennifer

  7. You know how to dress yourself-great job! I'm not married and have never been pregnant, so...
    But I still like your outfits! And as KK mentioned, these are great tips for plus size too (not that you're plus size-obviously you're not!).
    A Modest Fashion Blog:

  8. Those first couple of months after a c-section are rough when it comes to everything I totally agree. These are some great tips!
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  9. oi querida, vocĂȘ me inspira! amo seus looks lindos.
    Porto Alegre city, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil.

  10. Your body is rocking! You really have the loveliest shape!

  11. looking gorgeous mama!

  12. Such great tips!! I've bookmarked this; so that I can remember these a couple months from now! :-)


  13. You have done a great job putting together these outfits! Plus you are a very stylish mom! Found you via Brassy Apple blog and wanted to say hello! pippa

  14. really cute looks!

    xoxo linds
    my style blog :: Ruby Girl

  15. Wow, you look gorgeous in each dress. I couldn’t wear any of the favourite dresses during my pregnancy.

  16. Your style is amazing! Great work!