The family that matches, stays together..

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Chase, Grey, and I went to Chico before he had to go back to work. We want to see as much of northern California as we can. I mean, we lived in L.A. for 2+ years and hardly went out of the L.A. county. :/ We visited Chico State where a couple of Chase's family went to school and went to some of their fave food stops they recommended to us, which resulted in pizza and chocolate eclairs. Mmmm...!!

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We made a stop at Bidwell Park on the way home because everything else we wanted to do required money and...well, we're cheap. But, I'm so glad we decided to forgo everything else and skip to the park. I absolutely LOVED it! I want to run there so bad. It reminds me of my running days back on the east coast. I've missed the trees, greenery, and hills. I told Chase we had to come back when I've fully recovered so I can run here. Driving for two hours would be so worth it for a nice, long run in this park.

We also couldn't resist taking pictures of this cute little boy. He wasn't too thrilled though (read: tired, cranky)...


  1. There are a lot of nice running trails in Sacramento... no need for a two hour drive!

    xo Jennifer

  2. welcome back to norcal! there are some great resources here for new moms.. i have a little boy that is almost 6 weeks old -- and i've been lucky to find a new mom support group through sutter that is available to all new moms, regardless of their health insurance. let me know if you want any more info! ~becca

  3. enjoy norcal! we love it...wish we got to see more of CA before moving to the east coast soon. there are definitely running trails next to the american river, where i think you are closer to, but i also love the miner's ravine trail in roseville area ( i'd always see lots of new moms pumping that trail with their newborns in tow!

    also, i got really excited when i saw you are using the graco snap'n go (is that what it's called?). we just tried that out at babys r us few days ago and think we'll be going with that, as well.

  4. Haha I just had to comment because the title of your post made me laugh. There is a family in my home ward with like three or four girls and almost every Sunday at church, their mom makes them wear matching dresses. And the oldest girl is like 14 or 15!! Whenever they complain about it, their mom just tells them, "a matching family is a happy family." Poor children (and lucky brother haha). Anyways, the commonality of the phrases was too great not to tell you!

  5. Amazing photos! Your baby is so, so cute! Also, awesome post title, haha

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  6. Oh my goodess how cute is your family?! Gah!!! <3 :) Sending all my love your way.

    Maggie A
    Love Mavin

  7. Looks gorgeous there! Love these pics of your cute little family

  8. Oh gosh I didn't realize you were moving to NorCal! That's awesome! Visit the Bay Area as soon as possible (Santa Clara, that's where I'm from) so much to do for everyone! Hope you are settling in nicely. That picture of you holding Grey is just the sweetest!

    perfectly priya