Photo Tips for Fashion Bloggers #1 by Emily

Friday, March 29, 2013
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Hello again! It's me, Emily, with a couple photography tips up my sleeve geared specifically towards all you fashion bloggers to add to Sasha's great tips! Good photography is crucial for making an impression in the world of blogging - and you don't have to be a professional to make that happen!

I want to talk a little about aperture. A camera's aperture determines the size of the lens opening when you snap a picture. A smaller number (which is ironically a larger opening) will give you a blurrier background (also known as a "shallow" depth of field) and vice versa. Guys - this is really important. These two shots below used completely different aperture numbers.. see the difference?

 photo pic2_zps12ff1947.jpg

SO IMPORTANT. In my humble opinion, I believe that getting that "blur" by using a small aperture like 1.8 or lower is the most crucial part of a successful fashion blog post as well as for portraits in general. More examples below...

 photo 3examples_zps50711ad4.jpg

A shallow depth of field is ideal for getting those little detail shots of your accessories, too. Notice how much of the background disappears when I dropped down to a f/1.4 aperture. Pretty nifty, right? Some lenses are more capable than others when it comes to getting blur, but we'll save that for next time... :)

What photography questions do YOU have?


  1. That would incredibly helpful! I have to use a tripod and a self-timer (although eventually I'll invest in a remote), and I could use some tips in both those types of self-portraits as well as when I'm holding the camera myself.

  2. wow this really helps! Thanks so much for the tips Emily!!! You are an amazing photographer! Loved doing my fashion shoot with you the other day!

  3. great tips! I'm stil trying to figure out how to adjust aperture and other settings on my camera!

  4. Great tips, Emily! though I think I would beg to differ on the "I believe that getting that "blur" by using a small aperture like 1.8 or
    lower is the most crucial part of a successful fashion blog post" part. There is much, much, much more that goes into having a successful fashion blog. I think the "blur" is crucial for having gorgeous photos on a fashion blog, but not crucial for having a successful fashion blog. There are tons of successful bloggers without the magical blur, though good photos definitely do help with popularity.

    And I echo the other Emily's comment below, I'd love to see a post on self-photography! :)

  5. My aperture only goes as shallow as 4.5. I use a canon t3 with its original lens. Is the only solution to just buy a better lens?
    Other question: Does flash ever work for fashion blog pictures?

  6. I agree. Nice pictures alone don't make the blog.

  7. I'd like to see a post on that! It's hard to focus right when you're behind the camera setting up the shot.

  8. Hi Emily! I'm pretty new to fashion blogging and I just had one quick question. Do you have any suggestions on quick Photoshop tutorials online that are really effective? Or any free photo editing programs online that work just as well? I'm sad to say that I've never used photoshop but I really want to learn so I can improve the quality of my photos! Any advice would help! Thanks so much!! :)


    1. I really like the Digital Photography School website, I've gone there for lots of tutorials and tips over the years! Here's a good link you might want to start with!

      I'm not aware of any free photo editing programs online that will give you the same results as Photoshop would. But if you want to improve the quality of your pictures without paying $$$ for Photoshop itself, I would HIGHLY recommend purchasing a version of Adobe Lightroom. You can get one of the older editions, or buy it used (that's what I did originally) for much cheaper and it gives you many of the same features as Photoshop! It's great! :)

  9. Hi Emily, I was wondering what you do with your photoshopped images after they're done. Do you store all the .psd files, or just save them as .jpegs to replace the original? Or do you do something else?

    Just getting started with Photoshop, and I don't want to use up more file space than necessary!

    Thanks :)