Turtle Necks by Melissa

Wednesday, February 20, 2013
Victoria's Secret dress (similar) | Anthropologie tights | shoes via Marshalls (similar) | belt from my great-grandma's closet (similar)

Beauties of winter: turtlenecks and an endless array of patterned tights. I love turtlenecks/thick scarves in winter because I have a weird issue with my neck being cold. Seriously one of the worst things for me is having a cold neck. I hate it! Weird.. I know. Anyone else have any quirks they'd like to confess?


  1. Such a cute dress!

    xo Jennifer


  2. Haha, I hate having cold wrists :D

  3. You look lovely! Hey, it's not weird at all! I love turtleneck for the same reason, and I can't wear anything else in winter, I feel the cold on my neck so it needs to stay warm... I love a good turtleneck and patterned, colored tights! They are my winter basics and then I can play layering with dresses, skirts, cardigans...

  4. what an awesome outfit!! you look great!

  5. I just don't like being cold. Lucky for me, I live in Sri Lanka right now, so I'm pretty good. When I do live in winter, I love turtlenecks and scarves and anything to keep me from being cold.

    I do have a little quirk though, I don't like my hair on my neck when I am running or exercising. It must be in a pony tail and it can't be flopping around too much, or it drives me crazy.

  6. I'm the opposite. I hate anything touching my neck. It makes my neck feel tired. I'm trying to warm up to turtlenecks again. I used to wear them a lot when I was a kid in the winter.