What I Look for as a Street Style Photographer by Tiffany

Friday, January 18, 2013
Hi everyone! I'm Tiffany and I'm one of the street style photographers for Clothed Much. I am all over the Bay Area in search of marvelous and modest street fashion finds!! I wanted to share with you today some much valuable insights that I look for when I'm doing street style photography!

Attitude & Personality

This shows most profoundly when you think no one is paying attention to you. Your attitude affects your personality, and believe me, it shows in all aspects of your life, especially in your clothing. I have seen the boldest of outfits from someone who is very shy. Then, I am graced by a simple outfit from someone who is a social butterfly. Amazing personalities can shine through an otherwise "ugly" outfit.


It helps to know what is presently going on and what was popular before, like classics, colors, prints, accessories, hair, etc. Right now, I'm seeing lots of oxblood, spiky accessories, stripes, polka-dots, florals, and prints on the streets. I love, love, LOVE it all!


Less is more! A plain colored top with a snakeskin skirt and nude pumps works very well. Monochromatic looks are popular this season too.


(This is always my personal favorite.) Be someone who isn't afraid to show off your flair. Avant-garde, little-to-no comfort zone, unusual outfit combos, someone willing to push fashion to the next level and breaking all the rules to do it... Bring it!


Your belt, your socks, accessories... Little things add up and you bet I'm noticing them.


Integrity is key in achieving this. Have a real conversation with yourself and draw from your inspirations on what makes who you are and build upon it with no fear. My lens loves someone who isn't afraid of being themselves!

Overall, street style photography is a VERY rewarding experience. I love being able to see the beauty in rawness this world has to offer. To be able to go up to someone unexpectedly and tell them that I LOVE everything about them, especially their outfit, then be granted permission to take their photo is surreal (All under 45 seconds nonetheless.) I've seen some who looked upset change their mood instantly after I approach them. This really feeds my passion and gets me pumped to hunt for more street style beauties.

You may see me coming to a location near you. Trust me, if you're stylin' like Elaine, I'll find you sooner than you'll find me. ;)


  1. Great post!

    xo Jennifer


  2. Love this post! :) It's true that adding your personality to your outfit and be confidence are important.. something that many people forget.

  3. Nice pictures ! <3


  4. How fun! I bet it would make someone's day for someone to come up and say they love what they are wearing!
    I love seeing people here. I live in Sri Lanka, and the women dress in beautiful sarees and are generally dressed up.