6 Items I Just Can't Live Without by Corinne

Monday, January 28, 2013
Hi there! My name is Corinne and I write a little blog called The Lookbook! Over there I try to show that somehow fashion and motherhood can coexist... Because let's be honest, who aspires to be a frumpy mom after having a baby? Not me. It's seriously my worst nightmare.

So, I'm skipping the mom jeans and even the "white button-up and black pant" wardrobe essential list and going straight to the fun stuff. These 6 items are some of the most-loved and most-worn items in my closet to date. I simply cannot imagine getting dressed without them, so I just thought I'd double check with you to make sure you have these items and that you love them as much as I do! Here we go...

Benevolent Jewels bracelets

1. Arm Candy

I like to stack my bracelets like a crazy woman, but here is a more simple and accessible look that would work for pretty much any woman. Don't ever be afraid to mix silver and gold or big with small. In my opinion, the more variety the better when it comes to arm candy. Go crazy ladies!

2. Leather Jacket in a Color of Your Choice

I like faux leather jackets because you can stay completely on trend with different cuts and colors without completely breaking the bank. I like to mix my leather jacket with soft colors and textures to balance hard and soft.

3. Polka-dot Skirt

I wear mine as a neutral. As you can tell, mixing prints is pretty much my favorite thing ever. A polka-dot skirt makes the process easy and cute. My rules for mixing prints are to stay in the same color family and to mix no more than three prints.

4. Stack of Short (Costume) Pearls

I wear them with my most casual chambray shirt and my most fancy silk shirt. They are the most versatile and lovely piece of jewelry that I own. I got these from J.Crew Factory for about $30. My cost-per-wear is probably down to like a penny.

Side note:  I love a good pair of oversized pearl earrings too! You must own some!

5. Colored and Fitted Pencil Skirt

I wear my pencil skirt dressed down with boots or dressed up with some pointy toe heels like I did here. The colored skirt is an unexpected pop from your basic black pencil skirt that can still be worn a dozen different ways!

6. Printed Pants

I was honestly so scared of printed pants for the longest time, but now I adore them. I wear my polka-dot pants the most, but I love these bold bow-print pants. If bold pants intimidate you, try pairing them with a simple black turtleneck or chambray shirt on the top. And if you're really just too scared, then just try a colored pant. I promise, you'll love them. I only own one pair of blue jeans now, if that tells you just how much I love going crazy with party pants.

What are your items that you can't you live without?


  1. IN LVOE with the polka dot skirt!!


  2. I agree with the leather jacket.. I'm wearing one now!

    xo Jennifer


  3. Love your essentials- they have so much character! Gorgeous, will have to get a coloured pencil skirt, as my black one seems so bland in comparison!

  4. I am an especially big fan of the colored pencil.
    Method Clothe

  5. Oh my gosh! I am in LOVE with all the fun prints in these outfits! I like that you skipped "white shirt and black pants" because they are totally essentials, but these are way more fun! I have a red leather jacket that I would wear everyday if I could, def an essential!

    perfectly priya

  6. I just can't live without my chambray shirt.. haha :D, and now you make me craving for some faux leather jackets and colored pants ;)
    Anyway, thank you for sharing, Corinne..

  7. You have some pretty sweet arm candy so I wouldn't be surprised. :)

    Love Scrapbook

    1. *Hope you and the baby are doing well. xo