Dressing for Heat and Humidity by Kate

Tuesday, July 31, 2012
Hey, there! I’m Kate from The Perpetual Student’s Wife, my daily style blog which holds me accountable to dressing myself up before I step out of the house. I’m a personal assistant living in Houston, TX with my husband, who is finishing up his doctorate degree in music composition.

Regarding my personal style conundrum and subsequent solution, I keep in mind the weather and my work conditions. It’s hot so near the Gulf. It’s sticky, and it’s incredibly uncomfortable from mid-May through early October. My wardrobe had a major identity crisis after we arrived to Texas, but this is my third summer in the heat, and so I think that I’ve come up with a pretty solid plan of action for dealing with months of heat and humidity. My secret is ventilation, either by way of fiber content or silhouette. I’ve always been drawn to natural fibers, but cottons and linens have become summertime staples in my closet. I dress mostly for my work life, which is business casual. Some days I give in to my addiction to pencil skirts and pumps, but for the days I know I’ll be hauling patio furniture around, I stick with loose blouses and crop pants. And every opportunity for low-key time with friends is spent in jeans or bermuda shorts and a t-shirt.

Work: Dressy

Default to a lightweight cotton-blend skirt with a breezy blouse or pullover and accessories in cheerful colors.

Work: Casual

Spunky sleeveless blouse which doesn’t really touch my skin, cardigan to combat wicked AC and simple cotton cropped pants. Forget accessories (they usually fight with the crazed colors or prints on my blouses) and get my hair out of my face.


Jeans, usually a looser straight leg style with legs rolled up, tissue weight tee, belt (sometimes not) and Pinterest-inspired braid or carefree ponytail.

I hope these little tips help you stay a little cooler and more comfortable during summertime!

BlogHer '12: NYC, Here I Come!

Monday, July 30, 2012
from  http://teachme2save.com/2011/11/seeking-sponsorship-for-blogher 

This week I'll be in the great city of New York for BlogHer '12! I'll be going with Beso's Editor-in-Chief, Elise Loehnen, and my boss (so I gotta be good). I'm so excited. I have my own king bed. So, who else is going?!? More importantly, what do I wear!?!? Seriously...what's the weather like in NYC?

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Pattern Mixing by Melissa

Sunday, July 29, 2012
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Forever 21 top; Shade Clothing skirt (similar); Aldo heels (similar)

So, I love strolling the internet looking at all the fabulous pattern mixing. Stripes with florals, checkers with stripes, checkers and floral. Sigh. Lovely! Then, I look at my closet.....next to no patterns. Lame. In a desperate attempt to add patterns to my wardrobe, I bought this top at Forever 21. It came pre-pattern mixed (stripes and an anchor pattern). What could I mix it with? My shoes...that counts right?

My mom refused to take these pictures until I put a pair of earrings on. Does anyone else have a fashion pet peeve? Admittedly, the outfit looks better with the earrings. Thanks, Mom!

11 Weeks: The Lazy Uniform

Friday, July 27, 2012
Modest Mob blazer, $30 (similar); Gap shirt, $10 (similar); drawstring pants via sample sale, $1 (similar); Naturalizer sandals, $60

So, these pants have basically been my everyday wear since they're the only pants that fit, which I'm totally fine with since you guys know how much I love my drawstring pants :D. With a different t-shirt everyday, this is perfectly acceptable for the next 6 months, right? ...I wasn't kidding when I said I don't have a lot of clothes left.. Curse you, zippers...

How To Lengthen a Dress With Chiffon Underlay by Kristina

Thursday, July 26, 2012
I love a pretty dress, but summer can be so exasperating with the prolific amount of short dresses available. It's frustrating to go to the mall and walk out after trying on a bazillion dresses that are just two or three inches too short. This is a tutorial on how to lengthen a dress using floaty chiffon. A permanent underlay is so much more convenient than an embellished slip underlay because you never have to worry about whether it's hanging too far down or worse, if it's going to fall off!

11 Weeks: My Mom's Sweater

Wednesday, July 25, 2012
thrifted bag, $3 (similar); Ann Taylor sweater (similar); thrifted white belt, $2 (similar); refashioned Forever 21 maxi skirt, $5 (similar); Naturalizer sandals, $60

When I was on the east coast, my mom bought me this sweater. She has one just like it. Usually, I hate everything my mom buys me, but this one is actually okay, I think. I don't know. Looking at it now makes me wonder.. It's certainly roomy, which is always a plus in my book!

My wardrobe has drastically been reduced to stretchy skirts and baggy pants, which is like 5 things... Not because I'm already so huge, but because any pressure on my stomach area makes me want to puke so right now my outfits have consisted of the baggiest and loosest clothing I have, which is like I said 5 things. Everything has been packed away already and I'm wondering if I'm ever going to see my dear clothes again :(. I think I deserve an ice cream sandwich.

10 Weeks: Stripey

Monday, July 23, 2012
Shade Clothing shirt, $16; flower c/o Hot Magnets; thrifted skirt, $3 (similar longer); vintage bag, $15 (similar); Target clog sandals (similar)

I wore this last Sunday to church. (You guys! Kristine and her husband are in our ward!!!)

I haven't made much effort in my outfits lately and the one time I (kinda) did, I needed to document it, dangit. (Hence, the lack in updates...)

So, I've been toying with the idea of NOT belting my skirts...specifically, skirts with belt loops...specifically, this one. Sometimes a belt is too suffocating after too many pancakes. Sometimes it's nice to let that belly just hang, okay? That's where the flower comes in.. It takes your eyes off the middle and to the side. I know. I'm a genius. You're welcome.

Talk to the man hand.
Oh, and this.

Pretty in Pink by Melissa

Sunday, July 22, 2012
J.Crew shirt (similar); refashioned H&M skirt (similar); shoes via Marshalls (similar)

I have had an obsession with the color pink since I was little. In high school my laundry piles went something like whites, colors, and pinks! Seriously, it's true. No matter what style I'm wearing pink makes me feel fabulous. It might have to do with the fact that it gives my skin the appearance of color....maybe....look really hard it's there I promise. What's your color obsession?

7 Weeks: That one time I was in D.C...

Friday, July 20, 2012
Forever 21 hat, $4 (similar); Forever 21 necklace, $8 (similar); Target tunic, $20 (similar); hand-me-down skinnied Banana Republic capris (similar); Naturalizer sandals, $60

I wore this during our time on the east coast. This was at one of the Smithsonian museums. I specifically remember we went to a video game exhibit because it was boring.

I got these pants (along with a bunch of other clothes!) from a family friend. Thanks unni!!! They were a straight leg capri pant and I ended up skinnying them to fit me a bit better. I LOVE these pants because they are PINK and STRETCHY. You guys.. they STRETCH. They feel like leggings. I haven't worn them as often because I figured people will remember if you wear hot pink pants more than twice during the week....

One more thing... these sandals are ridiculously comfortable...and they come in wide. Double points! I always thought Naturalizer shoes were for people like my mom (ew), but I guess I'm turning out more like her than I thought (double ew) because I'm totally sold on them. If you check out their site, their other shoes aren't that bad. Some are pretty granny but there are a few I wouldn't mind having in my closet. So, I say check 'em out if you have wide feet and like your feet to be happy.

How To Make A Chiffon Floral Clutch by Kristina

Thursday, July 19, 2012
A clutch like this is frivolous and unnecessary except for the most special occasions, but it calls to the princess inside...that part of me quick to go on a wild tangent over a few bits of cloth...which is exactly why I love this sort of project. It's girly and extravagant and similar bags are well beyond my price point at my favorite stores...so what better fodder for a refashionista, huh?

Current Want: White Sneakers

Wednesday, July 18, 2012
Currently on the hunt for white sneakers. I've come up with so many great outfits (SO MANY) where I thought "This would look great with white sneakers." But, the problem is... I DON'T HAVE WHITE SNEAKERS. So I've been looking.... But, you see... I don't like the typical Converse sneakers. I've had them before and they're just not fit for my feet. I've been eyeing the Jack Purcell sneakers by Converse though.. What do you think? Are they fly? Most importantly, should I get them?!?

Current Want: Drawstring Pants

Wednesday, July 11, 2012
I've been wearing my $1 drawstring pajama pants nonstop (last seen here). They are SO comfy. I cry when they have to be retired into the laundry bin and then I walk around the house pantsless in mourning. It's a hard life. Anyway, before I wear my beloved pants to rags, I'm on the look-out for another pair and saw a few I wouldn't mind having in my closet. I might try the $14 Forever 21 option first because, you know, it's the cheapest and I have no money. What do you think of drawstring pants? Is it something you'd wear?

How To Make a Floral Raffia Belt by Kristina

Thursday, July 05, 2012
I've been amazed at how many stores are offering embellished floral belts this summer...and who can blame them? I bought this raffia belt years ago from Claire's and after I saw GAP's version last week at the mall, I decided to refashion this rather plain belt into something with a little pizzazz. And the best part? It takes about ten minutes to do.

Keep covered this 4th with a cute $10 hat!

Wednesday, July 04, 2012
Happy 4th fellow Americans!! For the rest of you, Happy Wednesday! For those who are out and about all day, I hope you're all wearing hats...and sunglasses...and sunscreen... I just bought this hat at American Eagle of all places (Haven't been in that store for years!) for $5! It's listed as $10 online but maybe if you go into one of their stores it'll be listed cheaper. I've been looking for a new summer hat with a wider brim but not too wide and floppy like this one. Anyway, this hat is perfect! And I love the black and white and neon trim! What do you think? Is this something you'd wear?