Just another striped skirt outfit by Rebecca

Friday, November 23, 2012
thrifted Guess jacket (similar); Gap button-down (similar); Forever 21 skirt (similar); Hue tights (similar); Blowfish boots (similar); Marc by Marc Jacobs purse (similar); Kate Spade sunglasses

Cheap things are great. Like this skirt. Which was a $4 dress. Which I altered with the handy help of some scissors. But you know what's better than a $4 skirt? A free Marc by Marc Jacobs purse. Yes, I'm being blinded by the brand right now. Because black is normally not my color. But I don't say no to a three hundred and sixty-eight dollar savings. That would be criminal.

If you're looking for more striped skirt outfit inspiration...


  1. I love the look. Style does not depend on price. It has to be original and express your personality.
    I would gladly put the Marc by Marc Jacobs purse on my X-mas wish list!
    You can also check my suggestions @ http://marthawarestylist.wordpress.com/2012/11/19/my-x-mas-gift-tips/

  2. This outfit is great! I'm impressed with your dress-to-skirt skills, and yeah- you cant pass up on savings like that!

  3. wait...so did I miss how you got yourself a free marc jacobs purse? its gorgeous! plus love your glasses! There are some at AE that look very very similar!


    1. It was a left over prop for a shoot my company did a few months ago. No one claimed it so our director gave it to me! (I don't think any of the men in the office realized what it was and I'm the only girl.)

  4. Great job you did on that skirt!! Wow, all from a dress. I am impressed.

    And a free purse to boot.... Whooo Hoooo!!!

  5. I like the whole outfit on you. You've rock it. Nice thinking with how to pair up the skirt. It looks really good.
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