Blog Crush: M Loves M by Tiffany

Monday, November 05, 2012
Hello everyone! I'm very excited to introduce to you Mara from M Loves M. She has great fashionable taste and shares the most delicious recipes on her blog too. She is a stylist and one I wish I had on-hand to help me with my outfits! I've been a fan of her blog for a long time now and hope you will become one too. :) 

How did you come to choose your blog name? Any special meaning?
I chose my blog name, M Loves M, when my boyfriend (now husband), Matthew, and I were in a long distance relationship. It was a way for us to be connected and for me to blog and document our trips together. And then 4 months after starting the blog, he moved down to Los Angeles!
What is your favorite 2012 fall trend?
I love peplum tops! They are so feminine and flattering, and I love how they can dress up a simple outfit like a pair of jeans or you could wear it with a skirt for a night out.
How would you best describe your style?
My style is very feminine and girly. I'm drawn to softer colors, details like lace, embellishments, pleating, and I love anything with polka dots!
What do you like about being a fashion blogger?
I love that I can show my style through classic (and in turn classy!) clothes. Just because you prefer to dress modestly doesn't mean you have to hide your style! I love that I can walk out the door confident and proud in the way I've dressed.
What is your belief on dressing modestly?
I've always been drawn to more feminine and classic looks and I love that skirts that fall below the knees can still be attractive. While I'm not Mormon, my style is definitely more modest, partly because comfort is such an important factor for me. I've always felt more comfortable, and in turn confident, with a skirt or dress that falls closer to the knee. I don't like the trend of seeing someone's underwear through their clothes with sheer skirts and tops. Less is not more in my opinion! I think women can definitely dress beautifully while not exposing too much.


  1. aw thanks so much Tiffany and Elaine!! So honored :) xox

  2. She's my blog crush too!

    xo Jennifer

  3. Going to go check out her blog right now!!
    A Modest Fashion Blog:

  4. she is just a doll!! love her!

  5. I've been following her blog for awhile and I really enjoyed your showcase of her! She has incredible style and impeccable taste, I too would love to have her on hand to help me dress in the morning!