Birthday List

Wednesday, November 14, 2012
I just bought these green maternity jeans as a birthday present to myself. I CAN'T WAIT TO WEAR JEANS AGAIN. Get ready for some leg action. Plus, they'll be perfect for the post-partum days and anytime I eat a little too much, which let's face it is a daily occurance, since it doesn't have the full belly band... And then my sister got me the maternity maxi dress on the right since my gray tank one is getting pretty gross and ratty from overwear and lots of stretching..

Besides maternity clothes I'll only be able to wear for a few more months, I found a few pairs of shoes that I wouldn't mind.. The first two are cheaper options but not wide-width so probably a no-go. Sometimes I torture myself and go shoe shopping pretending I have normal feet.....

Then I was a bit more realistic about my giant feet and found these two pairs. I've been wanting some black peep-toe booties that I could dress up or down. They're a bit pricey at $150 but I'm hoping somebody loves me that much to buy them for me...Chase. As for the sneakers, I've been wanting either white ones or a colorful pair. Oddly, stylish, white, wide-width sneakers are very hard to find.. 


  1. I have wide feet. It's awful. But I will say that my Supergas are plenty wide and plenty comfortable and plenty white. They actually run a little large in general, so if you get some, it's best to go a half size down.

    1. I did the same thing! LOL!

  2. haha Elaine I read it the same way before I saw you comment! haha. Happy early birthday :)

  3. So funny, I read it the same way too and thought, is there really a brand of shoe called SUPER GAS?!?!?! That is ridiculous. Then I read your comment and realized my mistake. Glad I am not the only one. The jeans you got are so cute - I am excitedc to see you style them since I have some (non mat) and can never figure out how to wear them :P

  4. Those jeans are so pretty! And those peep toes would ROCK with that black maxi. Here's to hoping Chase gets them for you :)

  5. I have wide feet and I took the advice of the rep. I chatted with at Zappos and I now buy guys tennis shoes. Let me tell you, that fit so much better than girl shoes! No pain, plenty of room, its great. The only downside is the color selection, so I just bought a black pair. But in this case, comfort goes way beyond cuteness for me b/c I walk a lot and I'm loving being pain-free.