Wear a Maxi Dress in 5 Ways Maternity Style

Monday, October 29, 2012
Beso came out with this video and tips for wearing a maxi dress five ways maternity style. I loved their different ideas and even incorporated their sweater one the next day I saw this!! These styles can definitely be worn by those not pregnant too. Maxi dresses for all!

I actually wore their Day 2 outfit of a blazer and booties before here! I must be doing something right!! Okay, so it's not exactly a maxi dress but it is pretty close. :D

Outfit details here!

I tried out their Day 5 outfit of wearing a sweater over a dress and really liked the result. I'll admit it looks pretty frumpy but sometimes that's what I want:  frumpy and comfortable. Also, I am now over the hump at 21 weeks! Let's see how far along I can wear this dress and how high it will go.. :X

vintage necklace (similar); thrifted sweater, $4 (similar); assymetrical dress via eBay, $16 (similar); two-tone brogues c/o Wanted Shoes

You still have time to enter the $50 to Nordstrom and any StyleLately item giveaway!


  1. You look amazing Elaine! Keep rocking your pre-preggers clothes for as long as you can :)

  2. You are too cute at 21 weeks. I am 17 today;) Check out my blog, I'm also doing OOTD's along w/sewing posts, etc... Hope you pass on over, maybe follow if you'd like. btw: I really like that last outfit on you, not frumpy at all, maybe it's bc you are pretty slim to begin with, it just looks cozy & comfy on you. :)

  3. um okay I LOVE you. and like I've said before-- I SO wish you had been pregnant before me so I could have taken tips from you. You are amazing and so creative!

  4. You're so adorable pregnant! (still say it's a girl....*GRIN*)
    A Modest Fashion Blog:

  5. LOVE the olive + the sweater.

    ahhhh you and Erika Porter Dannelly were roommates?!?!?!?! That is crazy,what a small world!! She is so great! She designed our wedding invites and threw me a bridal shower. I didn't know you went to BYU-I. How fun!!!!

  6. You look so pretty! I've always loved pregnant women in maxi dresses. There's something so bohemian and relaxed and HATCH about it :) I love the sweater over a high-low dress, especially in cooler weather!

  7. I love any kind of maxi skirt or dress for my pregnancy! I actually did the sweater and maxi skirt thing yesterday for church. A little frumpy, I guess, but so COMFY and warm! Perfect for fall, I think. :)



  8. Pregnancy looks good on you! <3


  9. And you even get the "high-low" hemline that's so trendy right now, courtesy of your bump! You look great!

  10. OMG congrats on the pregnancy!!! I love this blog and I pop in every few months or longer (I have three kids with one on the way!) When I first started reading this blog my 5 year old wasn't even 1 I think - you've gotten so many readers and sponsors now! Congrats! You totally deserve it!

  11. Hey Elaine! What happened to your shop of clothing?