Let's look at pretty dresses!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012
I've read that every woman should have a special occasion/cocktail dress in their closet for when they are invited to a ball or the MET gala. I'm going to confess... I've been a bit of a procrastinator in that department.. I mean, I went fancy dress shopping twice:  for that one time I went to prom and that one time I got married. I don't know about you but 8-year-old prom dresses don't equate to cocktail attire...like mine. So how about some eye candy featuring modest evening dresses I wouldn't mind having in my closet just in case.


  1. My vote would be either 3, 4 (with the slit closed up?), or 5 for you. The first is too dowdy, the second seems a little cleavage-y. The sixth is awesome, but seems a bit too edgy for you. And I suspect it would overpower your small frame.

    Isn't "pretend-shopping" fun!

  2. I wouldn´t mind either!! Pretty dresses!!