I wore a watch!

Saturday, October 20, 2012
If you look through every single one of my outfit posts, you may notice one thing: I've never worn a watch. I hardly wear jewelry anymore! I'm just no bueno at accessorizing except with scarves. Even then it's still a bit hot in L.A. to be playing with extra fabric around my neck.. Maybe in a couple months..

Daniel Wellington contacted me to review one of their watches and I thought this would be a great opportunity for me to try new things. (Remember? That is one of my goals!) I chose the Classic Winchester Lady watch in pink and navy. I wore it a few times to get the hang of wearing something practical on my wrist besides bracelets. And I noticed I kept fidgeting with it. New things make me nervous, okay!! Once I was ready to photograph it with my outfit (Outfit post coming soon!), I decided to go the arm party route and styled the watch by regarding it as another accessory to stack with the only three bracelets I have. I loved the end result!

If you checked out their site, you'll notice their watches have a clear preppy feel to them. I took this as another challenge! I never defined my style as preppy and thought it would be fun to try and incorporate a bit of it into my style. Though the playful band screams preppy with its pink and navy, the face is cream and gold with a very sleek and minimalist look - almost masculine. I just love how the two elements contrast each other. Right now, the band is still a bit rigid. I think it'll get softer the more I wear it. I love the idea of breaking it in! The face is also easily interchangeable. They sell separate bands so you can change it out depending on your outfit and/or mood.

Overall, I liked this watch. Even Chase gave his approval! If you're feeling preppy, Daniel Wellington is giving you a 15% discount! Just enter CLOTHEDMUCH at check out until November 5. Another fave of mine is this tan leather watch. So classy.

Do you wear watches?


  1. pretty details

  2. I love watches...I am currently searching for a good silver watch because I have a rose gold, cream and gold, white, and now just need silver to add to my collection!! I do love this one...its fun. You may have to wear it more often ;)


    1. http://www.danielwellington.com/collection/classic-sheffield-lady

  3. I never wear watches but recently I have been seeing adorable ones everywhere and it has really been making me rethink that style choice. I absolutely adore the way you wore this watch!

  4. I LOVE that watches are coming back in style! It seems that, for a while there, watches were outdated (because most people just look at their cell phone to get the time). Looks great!

  5. I have a couple cheap "fashion" watches that I wear more as bangles, although they're both out of battery so I feel a little nerdy wearing them. I just got a real watch in July...simple silver face and white leather band...and I wear it SO. MUCH. And I'm not a big repeater with clothes or accessories. I think if you get a watch you really like that is classic and versatile, you understand why people get attached to theirs!

    Congrats on trying something new :) I think it suits you.

    Sarah's Real Life

  6. Yay for stretching your style! :) The watch looks great. My boyfriend gave me a watch that I never wear ... but I just might have to dig it out and wear it with some bracelets. :)

  7. I never wear watches either. They get in my way haha

    xo Jennifer