Fall Burberry Inspiration by Melody

Wednesday, October 31, 2012
Hey Clothed Much readers! This is Desi and Mel over at Thread Ethic. We know what it's like to run a blog while pregnant so we figured we'd give Elaine a break today.

Although this look of ours is especially early for fall, we were directly inspired by Burberry Prorsum's Resort (2013) line. We just LOVED the shapes seen there.

via Vogue.com

H&M jacket (similar); H&M pants (similar); shoes (similar) and bag (similar) from boutiques; H&M striped tee (similar)

We were so excited to find this jacket a week ago at H&M that Melody couldn't resist it (especially when she saw how similar it was to the cuts of the Burberry jackets). Although ours is not featured on H&M's site at the moment, we definitely think you should check this one out here. The pants are also H&M from 2 seasons ago, but you can find similar here. The shoes and bag are boutique finds and the striped tee is H&M as well.

One thing we're kicking ourselves about this look is that our belt pictured could've been a bit thinner. But alas, we were tied to what we brought in our luggage when this photo was taken.

And there you have it! Hope you've enjoyed a bit of Thread Ethic today. Now back to Elaine...doesn't she just look so cute being pregnant? We think she should do it more often (even though I'm sure she would disagree after the oh-so-sick days....).


  1. Love this recreation!

    xo Jennifer


  2. She did awesome and she looks amazing. Very inspirational!

  3. This is a really great re-creation of the look! I think your version looks more wearable for real life, anyway. Great job!

    Sarah's Real Life

  4. Your blog is so pretty!! I found it on accident but hopefully you don't care if I follow you. Your fashion is mega cute. Keep up the great work :)


  5. i don't mean to diss this look, but i just honestly want to ask: has anybody NOT six foot tall and size zero worn these kind of pants successfully?

    as in, without feeling stumpy and wide?

    if so, please share your secret, because i would like to try these pants, but being average height and curvy, i don't think i could pull it off.